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Monday, July 22, 2013

Results of the FIT Magazine 10k race...Sun 21st July 2013

A total of 387 runner took part in this new 10k race in Cork City last Sunday, the 21st of July 2013. Conditions were cloudy and overcast bringing an end to the two weeks of almost solid sunshine.

1   Sergiu Ciobanu             M   30:46
2   Alan O'Shea        Bantry     M  31:06
3   Michael Shannon             M  31:08
9   Claire McCarthy             F   35:08
13  Orla DRUMM        Crusaders AC     F   36:58
15  Aisling JORDAN             F    37:36

The full results can be seen HERE

1) FIT Magazine has a gallery of photos HERE


Keith said...

- Nice flat fast 10K course, bar the pull out of Blackrock village, the Mahon bridge and Páirc Uí Chaoimh.
- tech t-shirt
- goody bag
- closed roads
- chip timed

- Water was at 3K and 8K, not 5K as advertised or mentioned over the PA before the race.
- No t-shirts available in XL after the race
- Bit expensive if didn't get a discounted entry

Any one have pics as there were lots of photographers on route?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Keith above on Pro's and Con's. Was nice to have the two water stations as it was still warm even without he sun. Nice route. Should re-consider start time. I will not do it again if a 1pm start, takes up most of the day and hard to know when to eat before hand.
Otherwise run was very well run and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

run was very well run and enjoyable.Any one have pics.Great coursemostly flat3 small pulls catered for all types of runners

Anonymous said...

Nice route & well marshaled but agree re the lack of water at 5km, a lot of people skipped it all 3km so were expecting it as advertised. Disappointed with the tshirts - only sizes available were medium or large which didn't cater for small or indeed larger runners. The race could definitely have started earlier in the day but was happy it kicked off on time unlike many others I've participated in.

Anonymous said...

I liked this race and would do it again. Very pleasant route. I definitely agree it should start earlier. I always favour 11am for weekend races.

Anonymous said...

Runner 1344 arrived 140th. I gave my name at registration. It would be nice if results could be updated with my real name ;-)

Anonymous said...

€25 was a bit excessive when one considers the amount of races on the calendar at the moment. Felt very much like a commercial race. No spread afterwards, just a banana and a goodie bag with water and powerade. I probably won't do it next year. The 1pm start is very late also.

Anonymous said...

Ran this too. V good course but 25 euro was crazy.

Anonymous said...

Second water stop was a bit pointless and in the wrong spot altogether. They probably would have had a better turnout if there was more emphasis based on the charity side of raising money for a breast cancer nurse in Cork. Lovely route though. I was amazed that people ran down and up that dip by Pairc Ui Chaoimh as there was no indication that you had to! (I did too BTW!)

John Quigley said...

There appears to be come confusion: To clarify, the last and first kilometer, on the certified course, were the exact same.

John Quigley

Anonymous said...

@John Quigley

As far as I remember the marshals directed us down to Páirc Uí Chaoimh! I definitely remember a marshal at the bottom of the ramp