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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 road race...Sun 7th Oct 2012

A big crowd turned out for this year's Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race in what were probably ideal weather and overcast. The forecast earlier in the week looked a bit grim but in the end, the wet and windy weather was missed only by a matter of hours.

This was in effect the showcase race of the year for the Cork BHAA and they didn't disappoint. It was a well organised event with plenty of volunteers out along the course helping out. There were plenty of water stations out along the course albeit in cups. I know some people might prefer small water bottles but personally, I think cups are the better option for this race. It's not fair to expect volunteers to pick up water bottles on what is a very busy road long after the runners have gone. At least with cups, the waste is probably within 100 metres of the water stations. It also helps to keep the overall entry fee down.

If any fault could be found with this race then it is probably the level of traffic out along the course...especially from around 4 to 10 miles With most races, you could suggest that the organisers find a quieter route but that's not possible in this case, it is after all the Cork to Cobh race. It's a traditional route and a lot of the appeal of the race is starting in Cork City and finishing in Cobh in the outer harbour. One possible solution would be to start at an earlier time like 8:30am but that's very early for a race where you can still enter on the day. The 9:30am start is probably the best compromise between traffic levels on the course and a realistic start time.

I'm sure many of you like me pre-entered for €10. For that, you got a...well organised race, t-shirt, water stations, goodie bag with drinks and snacks and a fine spread in the hall afterwards. In fairness, for €10, where else would you get it? It just goes to show what can be done with modest prizes and lots of volunteers helping out without the need to charge high entry fees.

Photos......(Updated 9:30am Tues 9th Oct 2012)
1) Doug Minihane has a very large gallery of photos HERE
2) Paudie Birmingham has a lot of photos near the finish line HERE 
3) Joe Murphy has a slideshow of photos HERE 
4) The Cobh Edition has about 600 photos near the finishing line HERE 
5) Gordon Kinsella has another large gallery HERE 
6) Joe Murphy has a second gallery of photos about 400m before the finish line HERE

Mile markers......?? By the way, did anyone else find the early mile markers a bit out? Some of the splits I was getting seemed a bit strange.

Pos     Name         Time
1     Sandis Bralitis         79:31
2     Ravis Zakis         82:28
3     George Waugh         82:49
4     John Meade         84:01
5     Michael Buckley         86:01
6     Mike Cunningham         86:58
7     John Browne         88:03
8     Shane Coffey         89:00
9     P Gallagher         90:04
10     Don Keohane         90:08
1F     Claire Gibbons-McCarthy         91:02
2F     Angela McCann         94:43
3F     Nollaig Hunter         97:14
4F     Ann-Marie Holland         98:41
5F     Anna-Meria Costello         1:40:01
6F     Mary Sweeney         1:41:10
The full results will probably be out in about 3-7 days.


Anonymous said...

Take a bow Cork BHAA, an excellent race - superbly organised, great atmosphere and such great value for money, a real race for runners of all abilities - best race of the year by far.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant race. Didn't mind the cars to be honest. Didn't effect me at all. Cups are fine. In fact the styrofoam cups are great as you can squeeze the top of them and drink without gagging. Better to have cups then a twisted ankle from half empty bottles all over the place. 10 out of 10 on this one.

Aidan said...

Great race, very well organised. great value for money too :)

Question does anyone know what the letters on some of the race numbers signified? Just curious!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed several of the early marks were off, mostly only slightly so, but the 4 mile mark was off by the most. I usually read obout 1.01 for each mile (1.01, 2.02. etc). Yesterday's marks were 1.0, 2.05, 3.06, 4.15, 5.07, 6.07, 7.09, 7.59 (half-way), 8.09, 9.1, 10.11, 11.12, missed 12, 13.12, 13.23 (half-mar), 14.12 & 15.15

No issues with yesterday. Glad that the rain held off though.

Anonymous said...

Excellent race! Weather perfect, traffic was fine, water stations great (completely agree John, bottles would be just scattered on for eternity if they had been used) and the extra station at 10.5 was an added bonus (is that a family who did that?)! All round great day and thanks to the organisers as it can't be easy for them to get it that seamless.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant race, well organised and the goodie bag was fantastic value for money. Traffic didnt effect us but the cupa were a nightmare. got more on my body than in my mouth. Bottles are far supperior. but overall great race.

Anonymous said...

Ideal conditions. Once again a hugely enjoyable race run like clockwork. Stewarding was excellent as usual. Must be the best value race in the country. Thanks once again to the BHAA on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time at the race. Volunteers were fantastic. Great buzz for the whole 15 miles. Did find my times were a bit weird over the miles, up and down almost every second mile. Will def put it on my calendar for next year though.

John Desmond said...

Ref the race numbers :
The additional code written on the bib identifies your age category and what registered team you run for.

e.g. A40
A is for over 40, B is for over 45 and so on.
40 is the 40th team on the BHAA list.

That is how the BHAA identify the category prize winners and the teams when they cross the finish line......and why it's important not to leave the chute! least, that's how I think it works ;o)

cathalhistory said...

Excellent race as per usual from the BHAA. Great value. Probably one of the best races out there. Ideal preparation for Dublin marathon or a excellent stand alone race.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BHAA for a fantastic race yesterday. Very well organised from starting on time, to great support from stewards along the way, plenty of water stations, fantastic goodie bag. The whole atmosphere was great, was on a high for the rest of the day!
Brilliant value for money. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Superb race and organisation. Amazing value for money. Really good atmosphere all the way in and I dont think the traffice was really an issue at all. My only conern was the hill to the community centre!! Nearly killed me :) well done to all those involved.

Anonymous said...

22first time doing race of this size...i agree with everyone that it is very well organised and a very enjoyable race,my only complaint if you could even call it a complaint is the postion of community centre...

Anonymous said...

First time doing this race...marked on the calendar for next year already. No complaints - very well orgnaised, really enjoyed it, felt like i running in the olympics with the amount of support along the way. Traffic was not a problem, and water stops galore. take a bow

Anonymous said...

Now that we have concensus how good this race is, can we get a protection order to leave it exactly as is. First Sunday in October. 9.30 start from Patrick's Church to the Sq in Cobh.
Well done to all involved, it was a great event and thanks to all volunteers who handled the traffic so well to allow us to run through those major junctions.

Anonymous said...

Good well organized race for €10. I found the traffic around Fota Hotel a bit annoying but as you said, there is nothing that can be really done about it. A unique race and long may it continue.

Jonesy said...

Ran this race two years ago and it was great. This year was even better and with a much better goodie bag, what value!! Well done to all involved.
Afer the race got a flier for the Great Railway Run, checked it out online €45!!! and not even garunteed a T-Shirt. I am not a seasoned runner of these events but compared to Cork Cobh seems very steep, will probably give it a miss.

Anonymous said...

Also my first time running this race - can't say enough to praise the organisers and volunteers! It had all the benefits of small events - low price, friendly crowd, no hassle, but a decent sized field meant that there was plenty of people to run with and great support. Also a goody bag and t-shirt, still cracking value for late entries like me at 20e. Will be back!

Anonymous said...

I've run this race 5 times in the last 6 years & always loved it. For some reason I thought this year was the best yet, but I don't know why, (no I didn't get a pb), there was something about the atmosphere on Sunday just made it memorable,well done again Cork BHAA & a big thanks to all the volunteers