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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Results of the Rebel Run 10k...Sun 21st Oct 2012

The inaugural Rebel Run 10k was a great success with 471 runners taking part, a huge number for first time out.

Place    Bib    Last Name    First Name    Gun Time    Chip Time    Pace    Age Group    Club
1    432    Meade    John    33:18    33:18    5:22/M    SM    St. Finbarr's A.C.
2    271    Kelleher    Tony    34:12    34:12    5:31/M    M40    Togher AC
3    423    O'Carroll    Frank    35:50    35:50    5:47/M    SM    East Cork AC
1    448    Murphy    Emma    37:25    37:24    6:02/M    SF    St. Finbarrs AC
2    200    Holland    Ann Marie    38:05    38:04    6:09/M    SF    Eagle AC
3    502    Regan    Maura    40:10    40:06    6:29/M    SF   Eagle AC

The full results are HERE


Finbar Kingston said...

Great race,lovely route,plenty water on a warm morning,great goodie bags,It was great to run onto the track at CIT to finish the race.And of course great work John on getting the results up so fast.

Anonymous said...

There was NO WATER at the station when I approached - and I finished in 50 mins so wasn't because I was at back of field. Either way they knew how many people had entered so no excuse. The stewards chatting at same non water point was even more frustrating - will not be entering again.

John Desmond said...

It appear that three containers of water were missed when the supplies were taken to the station near the 5k mark.....hence, the shortage of water. Honest mistake and when it was noticed, it was too late to do anything about it. The organisers have apologised for this and hope to rectify it next year.

In fairness, any race that is run for the first time will always have mistakes. The main thing is that these mistakes are acknowledged and rectified for future events.

Anonymous said...

Alan - Ballincollig
Great Race, well organised, well marshalled and a great route.
Hope to see this on the calendar again next year.
You shouldnt need to take on water during a 10k!

Anonymous said...

Alan - No doubt you ran the circuit without availing of the water - NOT! All levels of runners in the race and are entitled to take water if they wish.

Anonymous said...

Alan - Ballincollig
I agree and take your point. Water should have been available to everyone when it was advertised as such.
They have apologised for the error and will hopefully rectify next year.
My point was that you should not need to take on water over 10k distance. Most races will not have a water stop over this distance and runners should be taking on a little extra water the day before the race to pre-hydrate. If hydration is still a concern perhaps carrying a small 250ml water bottle would help (easier than drinking from cups also)

Damien Coleman said...

Hi John, great race. Superb finish on the track. Just one question, will there be any pictures from the day?

Hatz said...

Someone made photos at the finish line, but have not found anything online for that.

Anonymous said...

Great race, well organised, great goodie bag, and a fantastic route! My only minor quibble was the lack of water at the station when i arrived too, but it would not deter me from entering the run again, like the previous poster. I think that's pretty petty to say you wont enter again when, like someone else said, you don't really need to take on water in a 10k race! Great race, looking forward to running it again next year!