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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rebel Run 10k......Sun 21st Oct 2012

Just a reminder that the closing date for the Rebel Run 10k road race is today, the 18th of October. Entries close at midnight!

For more information and to enter, go to..........

For those of you doing the race, let's have a quick look at the course.....

The race starts on the Melbourn road near CIT. It proceeds up past the towards the junction where the motor tax office is and then west. All of it pretty flat and even drops downhill to the dip near the tennis village.

At the one mile mark, you have the first real hill. It's pretty short but it's the first real test. After this the road continues to climb but at a gentler rate until roughly the 1.7 mile mark. From there, the road flattens out as you run past St.Oliver's cemetery and the 2 mile mark.....probably the slowest and hardest mile.

At the end of the downhill, you turn off left onto a nice quiet country road. Most of it is reasonably should be a nice fast 3rd mile.

After the 3 mile mark, there is a slight rise as you cross over the Ballincollig bypass. From there, you join Curraheen road and on to the 4 mile mark.....all pretty flat and fast.

For the 5th mile, things get a little bit more difficult again. Initially, it's mostly flat but there is a pull for about 300m up to the 5 mile mark, the last really significant climb of the race.

From the 5 mile mark, it's downhill and mostly flat all the ways to the finish line in CIT. interesting course with a mix of suburban and country roads. The hills are pretty modest and it should be a reasonably fast course. Again a reminder, no entries on the day! Enter today to avoid disappointment.


Anonymous said...

I think entries actually closed at noon today

John Desmond said...

They have extended it until midnight tonight.