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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simon Community are looking for used running shoes...

Cork Simon, a charity for homeless people are looking for used running shoes.

For anyone who does a lot of running, you will know that after a while, shoes lose their 'bounce' and they should be replaced. By the time that happens, the shoes overall can still be in pretty good shape....i.e. not good enough for running but perfectly fine for walking.

The shoes should have no holes/damage and be clean. So if you can see your toe sticking out the top then that's a no-no ;o)

There is now a collection point in John Buckley Sports. The shop is located just across the river from Cork Opera House. You'll find a map in this earlier post.

This initiative is ongoing so drop those old shoes in whenever you get a chance.

Thanks to Ruairi O'Mahony for the above info.


rom said...

Thanks John

DGM said...

Great idea.
How does one clean old runners though? Is putting them into a washing machine (low temperature) advisable?

rom said...

If you have an old pillow case to put them in then will come out fine.

Anonymous said...

Dear DGM,
1. Soak the runners in soapy hot water.
2. Get out a scrubbing brush & start scrubbing.
Do likewise with the in-soles. WASHING MACHINES DESTROYS RUNNERS.
From: Kim & Aggie, How Clean is your House!
PS: Low temps wont clean runners properly & high temp washes will shrink them.

John Desmond said...

What I have done in the past..
1) Soak and wash shoes and insoles in a bucket of luke-warm water.
2) Hang up outside to get rid of excess moisture.
3) Put newspapers into them overnight to draw the moisture out of the fabric.
4) Then just let them dry naturally.

Never put any type of shoe on heaters / rads to dry them out.

Job done :o)