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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Event Notice...Run in the Dark 5k/10k...Wed 14th Nov 2012

This unique event is coming up in various cities on Wednesday, the 14th of November 2012.  Last year, it was a huge success with well over 400 people taking part in the Cork event alone. This year, they are changing the location of the race as it will now be in the city centre rather than on the Monaghan Road/Centre Park Road circuit.

This is from the organisers.........

Run in the Dark aims to be the biggest multi-location, mass participation running event in the world. And you can be part of it. Join us on Wednesday the 14th of November 2012!

Mark Pollock is a truly inspiring individual. Having lost his sight at the age of 22 Mark has never let that hold him back. He took hold of his life and never looked back competing in the world’s harshest environments across desert,mountain, ocean and polar regions including 6 marathons in 7 days in the Gobi Desert, a race to the South Pole, and the Round Ireland yacht race; all this despite being completely blind. He made his living as a motivational speaker around the globe and inspired many people to think about how to face challenges and make decisions.
Having overcome his blindness tragedy struck again on the 2nd July 2010 when Mark fell from a second story window and suffered a catastrophic spinal injury which has left Mark paralysed from the waist down.

The Mark Pollock Trust was set up by Mark's friends and supporters in order to raise funds for this rehabilitation programme, which will involve a daily aggressive physical therapy programme of up to 3 hours per session, input from physical trainers and physiotherapists and repeat visits to a spinal injuries recovery facility in America called, Project Walk.
Mark Pollock's supporters created Run in the Dark to fuel his ambition to walk again. A spinal cord injured pioneer, he is exploring the frontiers of recovery.

For his strength and determination in overcoming significant physical adversity, his continued inspiration of others in sharing his story and in constantly pushing out new boundaries, in his personal life and as an explorer and adventure racer, Mark Pollock was awarded a People of the Year Award.

Run in the Dark is a running event held simultaneously in 5 official locations - Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London and New York. You can race, run, or walk either 5 km or 10 km in all locations.

If you can’t make it to one of the official locations why not put on your running shoes and register your own pop up event wherever you are. Last year, saw run in the Dark pop-up events in over 20 locations around the world including Paris, Brussels, San Francisco, Neuchatel, Toronto, Dallas, Puerto Rico, Quebec, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney.

For more information please log on and sign up at

This is the route of the course in Cork City.....2 laps for the runners and walkers doing the 5 k option, 4 laps for the runners doing the 10k.

More info closer to the event. Please note that entries close on Wednesday, the 7th of November.

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