Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Runner sets new Marathon-in-Suit Record of 2:35

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Runner sets new Marathon-in-Suit Record of 2:35

At the Victoria Marathon in British Columbia, Canada last Sunday, Adam Cambell set a new record for running a Marathon in a suit! The previous record was 3:24:46 and the Canadian runner managed to do it in 2:35:53, less than seven minutes off his PB of 2:29:11. In the process, he smashed the old record  and finishing 6th overall.

He later said......."It's a beautiful day but definitely a little hot for suit marathoning. I left the top button on my suit and shirt done up and the tie knotted and pulled tight the whole way. It was incredibly hot. I felt nauseous from mile 18 on, but just kept dumping water on my head to keep cool. It was worth the extra water weight in the suit."

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