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Saturday, October 20, 2012

David Rudisha visits Mallow in North Cork...

One of the world's greatest athletes stopped off in Mallow this evening with his coach, Brother Colm O'Connell. David Rudisha is the current Olympic and world record holder in the 800 metres, as well as the current World and Olympic Champion at the distance. He holds the three fastest, six of the eight fastest, and half of the twenty fastest times ever for this event.

In a recent interview, the former world record holder, London Olympics 2012 chairman and double Olympic gold medalist Sebastian Coe said that David Rudisha's performance at the Summer Games was "the most extraordinary piece of running I have probably ever seen".

In front of a crowd of about 200 people, Brother O'Connell gave a short speech outlining how he had coached David since he was a small boy and how he watched him grow to be one of the world's best. He spoke about how David was not only an inspiration and role model to young athletes in his native Kenya but internationally as well. He also conferred the title of 'Honourary Mallowman' on David.......although I think David might have to work on the accent a bit ;o)

In his short speech, David Rudisha spoke of how he started off in athletics as a small shy boy. How he was inspired by his father Daniel Rudisha who won a silver medal at the 1968 Mexico Games as part of the Kenyan 4 x 400m relay team. He also mentioned how he had wanted to come to Ireland to visit Br. O'Connells home and family........and looked around at the assembled crowd and remarked that he was suprised that Colm had so many relations ;o)

Also in attendance was Irish Olympic race walker Rob Heffernan with his wife Marian. Rob gave a few words just to emphasise what a talent David Rudisha is and how amazing his performance at the London Olympics was.

800 Metres......Times under 1:42.....All Time
Mark       Athlete       Nation       DOB       Pos       Venue       Date  
1:40.91    David Lekuta Rudisha     KEN    17/12/1988    1    London (OS)    09/08/2012
1:41.01    David Lekuta Rudisha            1r1    Rieti    29/08/2010
1:41.09    David Lekuta Rudisha            1    Berlin    22/08/2010
1:41.11    Wilson Kipketer     DEN    12/12/1972    1    Köln    24/08/1997
1:41.24    Wilson Kipketer            1r1    Zürich    13/08/1997
1:41.33    David Lekuta Rudisha            1r1    Rieti    10/09/2011
1:41.51    David Lekuta Rudisha            1    Heusden-Zolder    10/07/2010
1:41.54    David Lekuta Rudisha            1    Paris Saint-Denis    06/07/2012
1:41.73    Sebastian Coe     GBR    29/09/1956    1    Firenze    10/06/1981
1:41.73    Wilson Kipketer            1    Stockholm    07/07/1997
1:41.73    Nijel Amos     BOT    15/03/1994    2    London (OS)    09/08/2012
1:41.74    David Lekuta Rudisha            1    New York City, NY    09/06/2012
1:41.77    Joaquim Cruz     BRA    12/03/1963    1    Köln    26/08/1984
1:41.83    Wilson Kipketer            1    Rieti    01/09/1996

In a brief chat towards the end of the evening, I asked Brother Colm if he thought the 1:40 barrier would ever be broken? He said possibly one day but not for a long time. It is much more likely that the current record will be broken in very small increments as before. If anyone is going to do it then it is likely to be David again. He also thought that it might be several years before the current record set in London might be broken.

Just to see what a great world record that was, you can see the 800m Olympic race HERE...

Also......back in February of this year, I had a video up called Man on a Mission. It shows the trip that Eamonn Coghlan made to Iten in Kenya to visit Br.Colm O'Connell. Post HERE

I know on many websites and newspaper articles, the word legend and great gets thrown around a lot but in this case, it seems very apt.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Olympic performance by David. They're both legends - David & Brother Colm. Wish I'd been there to meet them.

Paudie said...

Love the video.