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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video and Photos of the Dublin City Marathon...

The big event last weekend of course was the Dublin City Marathon. It was a cold but dry day...perfect for fast times.

The results link is HERE

(by the way, when you do a search for your time in the on your name........and you will see video clips of yourself out along the course.......very well done)

Photos....(Updated 7am 2nd Nov)
1) William Murphy (infomatique) has two with 252 photos HERE and a small one of 17 photos HERE
2) Andy McDonnell has a small gallery of 122 photos HERE
3) Alan Murphy has 200 photos HERE 
4) Helen Mulvey has 37 photos HERE
5) Greg Finan has 50 photos HERE 
6) PJCY has 19 photos HERE
7) Simon has 57 photos HERE
8) Wendy has 57 photos HERE 
9) Peter Mooney has a large gallery of  over 400 photos HERE
10) MediCorps has 116 photos HERE 
11) Dominic Horan has 175 photos HERE
12) B.Donnelly has a large gallery HERE
13) Lindie Naughton has a gallery HERE 
14) A large Facebook gallery by Pixel Pro HERE
15) Patrick Rooney has a gallery HERE 
16) Pat Carey has 3 photo galleries......One...Two...Three... 
17) Joe Murphy has a slideshow mainly of Cork runners HERE 

 Videos.......(Updated 31st Oct 00:30am)
1) Video clips of the various pace groups at the halfway mark...3:00...3:15...3:30...3:45...4:00...4:30...5:00

Short clip around 25 miles.....

10 min clip of some of the runners over 4 hours...

3:45 pace group out along the course...

3 min clip of runners around Parnell Square who were at the back of the first wave...

Various clips of the Marathon...


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