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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Guest Post: The New Year... by Pat Walsh

 ** The New Year **

Yes it is only the 12th November but it isn’t that far away. Is Next Year going to be a good running Year for you.

Lots of unknowns with the economy and the cost of everything but going for a run with a few friends locally doesn’t cost much and an occassional nearby race to test where you are.

Organisers are going to have to look at entry fees or else some races will actually not survive. There are huge costs involved and everyone knows that, but does it need a huge prize fund. That only attracts the elite while the majority of us are just happy to run. 

Fuels costs are gone mental, so long distances will have to be considered and if it involves an overnight stay in a Hotel then suddenly we are in the silly money category. Yes people will run races but not as many, when they are being charged 20 for a 5k and upwards of 50 to run a half-marathon. That means some races will not even cover their costs if numbers don’t enter.

Point of my article today was not to moan but just encourage you to run.

It is good to start the New Year ready to train / run / race, so maybe starting now a simple block of 6 / 7 weeks of training (think of it as pre-season) and be in the right place to kick on in January.

2 midweek runs and a long run at the weekend would do wonders. Build to it gradually if this seems too much. Do the sessions but less miles. You could do speed work instead of 1 of the midweek miles. 

3,3 and 7

4,4 and 8

5,5 and 10

Change the route as often as you can. Hills will slow you down but for the moment they are great to include to help your leg strength.

Forget the watch some days if you know the distance of your run and just take in the sights and sounds of nature. Plan to get a running buddy for the long run and enjoy the company.

Don’t neglect a weekly flexibility / core work session to keep you injury free and if you can do some simple strength training exercises as well.

The Christmas season will be more enjoyable if you are in good shape going into it and the dreaded January slog will not be as bad. You can have a guilt free enjoyment.

Best of luck to anyone running this weekend, keep the faith and enjoy your run. I'm doing Beat The Train 10mile in Waterford. Best run of the year ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿš‚


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