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Thursday, November 24, 2022

€50 for a 10k road race... How much is too much?

I was updating the race calendar recently with all types of entry fees for the various distances on offer. The one event that really stood out was the 10k race as part of the Clonakilty marathon with an entry fee of €50.

The entry fee for this years Clonakilty marathon was €70 and it was €60 for the half, both kind of par for the course in terms of prices for these kinds of distances.

Their 'mini-marathon' is a 10k race which at €50 is roughly double the price of other similar races of this kind of distance. Not only was it €50 but there was an additional 'transaction fee & postage' which probably brought the total cost up to around €55 for a 10k race!

To me, it seems very expensive but maybe it's not for others?

I could play devil's advocate here and suggest the following...

1) The dry fit tops... I've done the Clonakilty marathon several times and they gave out a fine long sleeve running top for the race. I've used mine for training and with all of the washes, they never seemed to fade or degrade. They mightn't be from a brand like Nike or Asics but they seem pretty good.

2) The medal... Not really my thing but the Clon organisers do seem to go to some trouble to make it a special item to mark the occasion rather than some generic thing.

3) The buzz... Between the marathon, half-marathon and 10k, there is a buzz about the event in Clonakilty with all the people taking part. Some people like the buzz of a big event.

4) Weekend away... Some people might be doing the 10k as part of a weekend away. Maybe their friends are doing the full or half and the 10k suits their needs perfectly. Add in the cost of accommodation and meals and the race entry fee is soon only a small part of the overall cost.

It's easy to be critical of race entry fees if you're a regular at road races but for someone else, this race might be a one off. For a busy person on a good salary, €50 to take part in a sporting event might be no big deal.

In the USA, high entry fees for road races like this seem to be the norm and it does seem to me that we are heading in that direction. In 10-years time, will €50 for a 10k road race in Ireland be the norm?

In 2023, we will have the introduction of the new 'One-Day Licence' which will add €3 for non-club runners in events with Athletics Ireland permits. This is bound to increase the upward pressure on race entry fees.

At the end of the day, it's up to race organisers what they want to charge and it's up to runners to decide how much they are willing to pay. But €50 for a 10k road race still sounds very expensive.

The question remains... How much is too much???


Anonymous said...

It’s pure greed from the organisers. You’re over selling the top too, not great in my experience. Now they’re after notifying people that they are not going to have the full marathon. Nonsense really

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay it, way too much for a 10k, it's probably not even a p.b. course to justify that cost? I think the Clon events are privately ran (at least they were in the past unless that has changed since?) and if so, then profit is the main aim of the organisers

Stan said...

Clon Half and 10k is a total rip off. I've done 4 half's there and then discovered Waterford Half which costs 32 € ( usually a week after Clon) and never looked back... Run Malaga Half Marathon 2 weeks ago paid 33€ which included lovely running top, very generous goodie bag and finisher medal with my finishing time laser engraved 5 mins after crossing the line that's what I call good value for money never mind beautiful blue skies and overdose of sunshine 😉

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing surprising about this.
Grant Thornton 5k had an early bird option 90 quid + booking fees. Final fee of 140 quid. For a team of 4. Individual entry of 35 quid.
Ex pros seem to have no problem promoting it.
Athletics Ireland are only too delighted to ram it down our throats on every social media page and on homepage. If that’s not a sign of a backhander to someone then I don’t know what is. I wonder will they give every club race in Ireland the same focus they give that race.
Reap what you sow really.
Normally I would run maybe 25 races a year as I would decide close to race time if I wanted to race. Now its all about online entry weeks beforehand. Get your money and to hell with it after that I’d say less then 10 races this year for me. BHAA races looking better value for money.

Anonymous said...

I ran last year the half and from mile 7(at the top of the hill) I felt I could have taken the wrong turn on a few roads due to no stewards. Also when you enter the town roundabout on mile 12, there was no steward to give direction e.g. straight on or left back into town. I actually had to stop and spectators shouted at me to go a different way. The top was not long sleeved last year it was a tank top.

Anonymous said...

This is a business running the event for profit.

2000 people paying €50 = €100000

Have anyone seen any donations to local athletics clubs from the organisers?

If you know the flooded area, it can be prevented, a local farmer digs out the channel to lower the water level in the lake on a regular basis.

Maurice said...

Ran Clon when it started, always felt it was poorly organised and would not recommend it to anyone since.

Anonymous said...

And yet trail race Half marathons are still available around €25. Included in this is usually, some item of clothing (beanie, or running shirt for e.g.), a meal at the end (sometimes even with a beer or two!), and all the usual aid stations, first aid support etc. Bargain!

Anonymous said...

Join IMRA 👍

Anonymous said...

They look a little foolish altogether, I think. Charging big money and then after the cancellation of the marathon (not their fault) throwing their toys out of the pram when people dared to criticise their clumsy reaction - fine, the no refund policy was in the small print but nevertheless it all looked a little unedifying.

If it's organised by a money-making entity they have to accept they'll get a bit of stick, they can't suddenly expect everyone to treat them as if they are a local club run by volunteers, particularly with these prices. Running might be a social enterprise but if you're going to take our money like any other business then accept people will criticise. They've come out of all this looking slack, I think.

Anonymous said...

They haven't rectified them problem so, I followed another runner during the full marathon once at unmanned turn and we did an extra kilometre. Cost us both sub 3 at the time.

Anonymous said...

Clon marathon knew fully well it was going to flood and couldn't be bothered. Easy money

Anonymous said...

20 euro is enough for 5k or ,10k. 25 euro at a push for a 10k. It's a good point that this money is not being invested back into Athletics. Compare Ireland with any European country and we have very very few tracks or facilities for running compared to them. You'll find municipal tracks in countries like Poland and France in most medium sized towns. Athletics Ireland should be mandating requirements for road races based on licenses they give. Great and competitive races like ballycotton gone to the wall and left with these uncompetitive money making ventures

Anonymous said...

Good point about tracks and investment. In Athens, Greece, which obviously is a larger place than the countryside of Cork, there are municipal tracks in a large number of the city's districts, many are free to use.

Anonymous said...

Relax, the bottom line is it's recreational (a hobby) for most participants. Pay the money and enjoy the event. There's a lot of time and effort by the volunteers behind the organisation of these events.

Anonymous said...