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Friday, November 04, 2022

Video about GPS watch performance in New York City

Ray Maker is the owner of the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel and is one of the best reviewers of some running gear like GPS watches.

In the video at the bottom of the post, he reviews the GPS performance of four high end sports watches as he ran around New York City. For a run of approximately 15.5 kms, the watches gave the following readings...

Apple Watch Ultra: 15.56km

Apple Watch Series 8: 15.50km

Garmin Epix: 15.43km

Garmin Forerunner 955: 15.58km

As the screenshot shows above, the watches GPS coverage was quite good in Central Park despite all the foliage. As Ray suggests in his video, modern high end sports watches are much better than the models a few years ago.

The biggest challenge however seemed to be the tracking in amongst the many high rise buildings of the city.

GPS watches are getting better but you need to be aware of their limitations.

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