Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Guest Post: Why Do I Run? Pat Walsh

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Guest Post: Why Do I Run? Pat Walsh

 ** Why do I run? **

Now might be the time to think about why you run. See if you can agree or maybe motivate yourself to get going again if you need it.

I run to see the Sun rise and every day is a new day.

I run so I can eat afterwards and my pants still fits.

I run as it gives me self-worth and importance.

I run and am grateful that I can do so, many are not as blessed.

I run in an effort to defy and slow the aging process. It is inevitable but I want to live.

I run for the wonderful company of fellow runners and to reduce stress levels.

I run for the chance of a coffee. (and sometimes a pint…!).

I run to escape the ordinary and to chat / share life with people.

I run so I have an excuse to do nothing for the rest of the day.

I run to feel alive and to increase my chances of staying alive.

I run to find to the best in nature and breath fresh air.

I run to share my thoughts with people who think the same.

I run to see new places, new races, new people (people I haven’t bored to death already).

I run for my Garmin watch as it loves the road and doesn’t like being idle.

I run so I can bore non-running people.

I run to lift my mood and get the “Runners High’   It’s no myth. Put simply: ‘I feel great because I run. Runners sleep better, make better decisions about nutrition and life.’

Feel free to add you own comment and I might even amend my post.

Have a great weekend but make sure you run.


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