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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Guest Post: 10-Things about the Dublin City Marathon Proinnsias O'Keeffe

10 things about the Dublin City Marathon 

1 in many ways this was my first real marathon! Cork has the relay and the half marathon group join you. Kilkenny has 30k, half and 10k at the same start. Dublin is only a marathon!

2 the race starts and finishes in Dublin 2!

3 the support throughout the course was superb. Kids giving high 5’s, the guy on the enervit table running after me with a gel because when I ran past he was opening a new pack and I wouldn’t wait!

4 family and friends providing support throughout the course and before and after the event. I’ve had 3 meals already today and if no trick or treaters arrive, all their stuff will be eaten too!

5 the feeling of running uphill and into the wind when we were on the south side- yuck!

6 the weather! Jim Aughney definitely had the child of Prague out on Saturday night! Imagine if it had been Saturday or Monday!!

7 parkrun which is responsible for me being out there. From the gang at Bushy Dublin to the bag drop team to the runners including a 25 volunteer from St Anne’s to 100 and 250 shirts on the course you are amazing 

Gotta squeeze the club in here! Joining you and going out on Tuesday Thursday and the occasional Sunday and the strength and conditioning were a major factor in my finishing. Shouts of Go Eagle around the course from strangers were a great lift 

8 to my buddy- not sure whether it was 498 or 499 but you flew down Leeson Street into Stephen’s Green - what an honour to know you 

9 at one stage yesterday I was finisher 9999

10 the (not)parkrun but coffee and cake Saturday friends- stop sending messages so I can finish this please! Your support, encouragement and confidence in me got me over the line 

If I can do it, you can!

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Donal O'Driscoll said...

Very enjoyable article Proinnsias!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Proinnsias šŸ‘ love the article