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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A closer look at the number of 5k parkruns in Cork, Dublin & Belfast

Following on from a previous post about the new proposed public park on Haulbowline Island, I had a closer look at the number of parkruns in Cork, Dublin and Belfast. It's easy to say how many there are but sometimes an image shows the real differences.

With this in mind, I have three maps below all on the same scale showing the number of parkruns in the three Irish cities.

Cork...As can be seen from the image below, there really is only one 5k parkrun near Cork City and that is of course in Ballincollig. What is not shown on the map is that the next one to the east is way down in Tramore in Co.Waterford and the next one to the north is in the University of Limerick.


Dublin.....These are the 5k parkruns in Dublin at the same scale. As can be seen, there is no shortage of them with about 8 inside the M50.

Belfast.....These are the 5k parkruns in Belfast. Again, quite a few.

Looking at all three maps, it's obvious that the number of 5k parkruns near Cork City is very low in comparison to Dublin and Belfast. While Cork is a smaller city, it probably could support several parkruns on a Saturday morning if they were well distributed.

One obvious problem in Cork City is a lack of suitable public parks. However, the parkruns on Bere Island, in Clonakilty and in Macroom are not in obvious public parks. They made the best of what they had and organised one.

It's also worth mentioning that the parkrun organisation do not set up parkruns. It's usually up to a local group to get the ball rolling while the Cork Sports Partnership have assisted those groups in the past with funding.

Thoughts? Should there be more 5k parkruns in or near Cork City??? Any suggestions for venues?


Anonymous said...

I think that Moanbaun Woods just outside Watergrasshill would be a perfect location for a parkrun, with a 5k loop already existing in the woods. The route is a gravelled path with 1 slight downhill/uphill. Clubs like watergrasshill AC, carrigtohill AC, Midleton AC are all close by to be able to support and run

Unknown said...

Moanbaun Woods would be great, if a group get together to start one. I'm involved with the Ballincollig parkrun, the crew there more than happy to help with advice and guidance on how to set up a parkrun there.
We still haven't come up with a good location for Cork CITY though. Unless we could commandeer a golf club 😉 there's not a lot of green space large enough within City boundary. Mardy key? Marina? Not strictly parks though.
Anyway, if someone can come up with a good location Ballincollig crew happy to give advice.

Unknown said...

Former harbour point golf course little island ???

Unknown said...

Surely one could be done in Cobh? There already is a kids one on Sunday