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Monday, July 24, 2017

Notice...Churchtown South 5 mile road race - Thurs 27th July 2017

The 3rd race of 4 in the Ballycotton Summer Series is coming up on Thursday evening the 27th of July 2017 with the Churchtown South 5 mile road race at 8pm. As always for these races, a large crowd is expected so try to arrive early if you are going....say between 7 and 7:20pm.

Some info from the organisers.......People who have ran the first two races in the Summer Series (Ballyandreen and Shanagarry) are automatically entered for tonight’s race. The numbers are in alphabetical order and can be seen on the wall in the community centre - It would help if people could find their number in advance and ask for it at one of the entry desks. 

The list is also available online HERE

Again, it would be appreciated if people had the correct fee of €5 ready to speed up the process. Entries will open from 6pm onwards with the race starting at 8pm. For new people on the night (who haven’t run the two races), there will be a separate entry desk as normal – entry fee again €5.

With the huge increase in participants, the start of races now poses its own problems. For safety reasons, we urge people to line up in accordance with their ability. Unless you are running under 30 minutes you have no business at the front – the race is over five miles and there will be plenty of opportunity to move up after the initial rush, so pace yourself accordingly. It goes without saying that headphones should not be worn at any stage.....Ballycotton Running Promotions

Overall Series...The overall positions in the Ballycotton Summer Series after 2 races can be seen HERE  (courtesy of John Robinson). Remember, there are top 50 men and top 30 women t-shirts at the end of the series.

A preview of the course with maps, directions and photos can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Would it perhaps be an idea to go by the numbers for the start?

John Desmond said...

It would be very difficult to police. In addition, a lot of runners won't have done the first two races.

Anonymous said...

In this 3rd race, assuming there is no pacers as there wasn't in the first 2 i think but the idea should be considered as it gets most people to the right point on the start line. Not perfect but it does help.. Failing that markers on the starting line with guide times, these were on the 1st race but not the 2nd i think... the start of the 2nd race was a bit like the grand national with a few fallers. Saying all that ..i still love the series and appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.