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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Guest Post : 10 Things I Think About The Willie Neenan 5 Donal Coakley

10 Things I Think Donal Coakley

In these guest posts, Donal Coakley of Leevale AC gives his own light-hearted perspective of some of the races that he has competed in. 

 In this post, he gives some personal thoughts on the 2017 Millstreet 5 mile road race.

10 Things I Think About The Willie Neenan 5 Donal Coakley

1. Google Maps Lady

I think the road to Millstreet is one of the most beautiful dangerous roads in the world. The google maps lady has guided me safely in many countries but she seemed to be completely oblivious to many of the blind junctions on the L2751. She was silent from Rylane to Millstreet, that's very unlike her, she must have been scared. I was too.

2. 2am

I think working until 2am the night before a race is great preparation, especially when you get to sleep in until 1030am the next day. I was very fresh for the race. I had no breakfast just lunch.

3. Hop/Dinny

I think that I would have beaten John O'Connell tonight even if he hadn't withdrawn through crippling injury. I knew he was in trouble on Monday when he waited for me at the farm, this has never happened before. That's a sure fire sign of injury when you can't run solo. The "I'm doing a 10 minute tempo" while looking like Dinny from Glenroe didn't bode well on Tuesday. I knew he was finished after that. Poor Hop, he'll be back, I look forward to beating him again just like Donal Coffey.

4. Start Line

I think the sunglasses matching your singlet craze is catching on. Paul Moloney had a lovely pair of red Oakleys to match the red Mallow AC singlet. Carol Finn said that my sunglasses looked nice. This was important, before I thought I looked fantastic, now I knew I looked fantastic.

5. You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

I think Logan's piece of American wisdom is perfect. It can be applied to everything life throws at you. Just get a shot off. Today I applied it to the first mile. 5:03, it was a bit downhill I suppose. Still I don't think I missed this time.

6. The Pack

I think I belong in the pack at the front of the race. I felt at home clipping along with Conor, Eoin and Paul. Unfortunately I was evicted from my home as we passed over the railway line after about 2 miles as I could no longer pay my rent. I think the train was also responsible for the 8:15pm start. All the Kerrymen going home for Sunday.

7. Sorry

I think I owe Donal Coffey a public apology. My celebration after the race was completely inappropriate. My man hug was completely uncalled for, especially in Millstreet. There is absolutely no need to dance around like a boasting clown when you trash someone in their home town race. Having said that I really enjoy winning. Conor won the real race, to me this was irrelevant.

8. The Strawberry

I think that Wexford have implemented a state sponsored doping program. It's clear from the last few weeks that County Plan 1996 has been implemented. Those strawberry huts on the roadside are probably secret drug mules for the ex-pats in foreign counties, ingenious really. I didn't think it was possible to PB in virtually every race but Conor does. I suppose he is very good at minding himself. I'm jealous. I mind myself too but it doesn't work.

9. Tax Man

I think that I don't need to inform the tax man of the contents of the brown envelope that I received for 4th place. God it's a nice feeling to get money in a brown envelope. I think I'll apply for a job in FIFA or the IAAF.

10. Cullen

I think that the Spanish ham in Cullen is as good as any in Spain, what more could you ask for after a race than a few cerveza sin alcohol and some jamon Iberico. It was nice to bring the Willie Neenan trophy back to its true home, good practice for next year when Hop is back in full flow.


Anonymous said...

Great light hearted post and looking forward to the next 1, keep it u!

Anonymous said...

Nice article ... running needs a bit more of that ... something lighthearted occasionally, to take our minds off the challenging training and races that we do. Well done Donal.