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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guest Post : 10 Things I Think About The Corkbeg 4 Mile Road Donal Coakley

10 Things I Think Donal Coakley

In these guest posts, Donal Coakley of Leevale AC gives his own light-hearted perspective of some of the races that he has competed in. 

 In this post, he gives some personal thoughts on the Corkbeg 4 mile road race.

10 Things I Think About The Corkbeg 4 Mile Road Donal Coakley

1. Cricket

I think the madness is strong with me. I really shouldn't have run tonight but I just couldn't resist. My impromptu cricket debut on Sunday night resulted in a slight ankle sprain. It's not bad but racing probably wasn't the most intelligent idea. I'll survive. I regret nothing. I'm not very good at cricket.

2. Rice Cakes

I think that moving to Glanmire has increased my rice cake consumption dramatically. They really are the perfect pre race meal. They have no taste, you can eat lots of them and they don't leave any residue. A whole packet was probably too much this evening. The problem with living on your own is that you've no one to tell you that what you're eating is actually crazy. It's dangerous. I'll just start posting all my food on Instagram again, that way I'll know myself that it's mad.

3. Cork City FC

I think I should have stayed on the Cork City bandwagon. I had a ticket for the match tonight but passed on it. This wasn't a good decision. I now have a cankle as a result. I'll get back on the bandwagon on Sunday. At least they won anyway.

4. Warm Up

I think Anthony Mannix must have been fit to kill me after listening to 21 minutes of me whining about my ankle before the race. I think it worked though as all my whinging seemed to fix my ankle, it was perfect come the start of the race. Talking about your worries and problems works. I don't know how Anthony was feeling, I'm a talker not a listener.

5. The Course

I don't think I'm ever going to run a fair course again. It's great fun running much faster than you are actually able to. People think you're great. The Corkbeg route is pretty fast, the first mile is up a hill but it's downhill from there. It does have a hairpin turn which is pretty unique, it's sort of like a cross country course on the road. Plus they've a BBQ afterwards.

6. Seanie's on Fire, Your Defence is Terrified

I think that you could have made a planet earth documentary about Sean McGraths execution of myself and Anthony tonight. We were all together after 1 mile, I was thinking this is great, I'm now able to run with Sean. Then the attacks began, I was first to be dispatched. I loved the way he deliberately picked up the pace enough to get rid of me but not Anthony. Then like a lion playing with an antelope he dispatched Anthony and disappeared off up the road. Great to watch, nice to know I'm still useless.

7. Don't Look Back in Anger

I think that the most horrible feeling in the world is the feeling of being chased. Once my dreams of winning had been shattered by Sean and Anthony I had to concentrate on protecting my podium position. I never looked back but I knew that Nigel was just behind me all the way. I could hear the footsteps all race. Thankfully it wasn't Ian O'Leary. Somehow I managed to keep the footsteps behind me until the finish. Perhaps I'm getting better.

8. You've Gotta Let the Big Dog Eat

I think that the dog at the finish line really wanted to eat me. Once I crossed the line I had to lie down on the ground because I was tired and it looks good to lie on the ground after a race. There was a big dog beside me who was very interested in me. I told the owner that the dog would be better off eating one of the slower runners. I felt bad about this but I don't think anyone heard me.

9. Sunglasses

I think John Collins is right about sunglasses. I asked him if they wore them back when runners were actually good in Ireland. He said sunglasses were for girls. He's probably right.

10. Kettle

I don't think I've ever had such a bad case of prize envy. Sean McGrath got a lovely cordless vacuum cleaner for first place, a sort of cheap dyson knock off, but you know it would do the job. I'd only searched for a similar one on Amazon today. I had to settle for a Daewoo kettle. It came with the €18 price tag still on it. I asked Sean if he'd swap the hoover for the kettle but he didn't even dignify my question with a response. I already have a kettle. No man needs two kettles.

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