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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Results of the Cork BHAA CPO-GArda 5k...Wed 5th July 2017

There was a drop of over 15% for this years Cork BHAA CPO-Garda 5k road race which was held in Mahon on Wednesday the 5th of July 2017. A total of 329 runners took part, down from the 390 of 2016. As can be seen from the chart above, this is the lowest level in six years.

There seems to have been a mistake at the front of the race resulting in the first 3 runners going the wrong way. The Cork BHAA issued the following statement...."It won't have gone unnoticed that there was a mistake made with the route on the first lap by the top 3 following a lead car. Unfortunately they were not counted for the top prizes as a result of this as they hadn't completed the full course. The decision was made to allow their original results go forward for the team prizes as it would have been unfair to their team mates to miss out.

Mistakes happen, which we regret, but remember that we are all volunteers putting on a race for the many runners of Cork so hopefully this won't spoil the evening. We'll have to live and learn."

1 Michael Corbett 0/40A M1 00:16:25 Musgrave M-A-1
2 Dave McEvoy M2 00:16:50 Dept of Ed
3 MICHAEL HARRINGTON 0/40A M3 00:16:56 Harrington Upvc Ltd
32 Helen Leonard 0/45J F1 00:19:06 Dept of Ed F-A-1
49 Katie Hickson 0/35H F2 00:19:38 Glenside
61 Carmel Parnell 0/60M F3 00:20:03 Cork Shops

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE
2) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE 


Anonymous said...

How did they go wrong way? Did the lead car direct them the wrong way or did the lead car go too far in front? I would have thought the route was relativity straight forward

Anonymous said...

It would only happen at a Garda organised event that the lead car would go wrong I cannot but laugh Well done to BHAA and the prizes

Anonymous said...

Well done to all involved, despite the mishap great race. Have seen runners go wrong way at many races and it will happen again. Everyone got home safe and good to see so many young runners.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the runners who was sent the wrong way but fair play to the BHAA at least for putting their hands up straight away & admitting their mistake.

The stewards were standing in the middle of the road at said junction instead of on the left side of the road where they would have blocked this left turn. It was clearly said at the outset to "follow the lead bike at all times". With it only being a 2.5k loop, in hindsight, the bike should probably have driven the route in advance to familiarise themselves with it.

A frustrating evening but an honest mistake nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I was also sent wrong way, had done a warm up lap and knew the route, when I came to junction the stewards seemed unsure and directed me left. I thought there must be a change and followed the stewards. At the beginning of race steward shouted out to runners "take the first three lefts"!!!! Either way fair play to BHAA, dealt with it and turned out ok.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame it happened but mistakes will happen . No doubt lessons will be learned from the mistakes. A great and challenging 5k . Well done to all involved. Nice crowd and nice evening for a race even if it was a tad bit too warm.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above, I ran the loop on a warm up and was familiar with course, knew lead car and bike went wrong but when I signalled the stewards they sent me left so I presumed they changed route for some reason. All the other stewards were on the left hand side of the road, as the leas cad approached them it looked like they had to mskevthe turn. Either way we'll done BHAA and race organisers, great race otherwise.

Unknown said...

If the runners familiarise themselves with the course it would make a lot of sense too after all we all warm up before races why not warm up on theverything route