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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blarney Half-Marathon & Cork City 10 Miler numbers

Following on from the John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler recently, someone asked me about the numbers and if they were well down on what they used to be like for the Blarney Half-Marathon?

For those of you new to the running scene, the Blarney Half-Marathon was organised by St.Finbarr's AC and they changed it to a 10 miler in the city in 2014.

I looked at the figures and here are the results...

As you can see from the chart, the numbers grew up to 2010 much in line with the running boom. In 2011, the Charleville Half-Marathon started and it got 446 in its first year. Whereas the Blarney Half-Marathon numbers might have been expected to grow or at least level off, it's obvious that a number of people were opting for the faster course in Charleville.

In 2014, the Blarney Half-Marathon came to an end and the race changed to a 10 miler in Cork City. As you can see, it has been remarkably steady at about 500 per year since then.

So the answer to the original query is that the numbers are actually up when compared to 2011-2013. It's down on the 2010 peak in Blarney but still pretty good. Comparing the three years of the 10 miler from  2014-2016 to the half from 2011-2013 then the move into Cork City was a success.

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Anonymous said...

This would be part of a great series of races in prep for Dublin if it was moved a week earlier. 2 weeks between that and Charleville, another 2 weeks to Cork-Cobh, perfect. Appreciate it has always been the same weekend in Sept but surely everyone would benefit, including race numbers?