Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Entries to the Charleville Half-Marathon are now closed

Monday, September 12, 2016

Entries to the Charleville Half-Marathon are now closed

Entries to the 2016 Charleville Half-Marathon have now reached the 1100 limit and are now closed!! 

This is a big jump up from last year when it reached about 930 entries on the last day of entries. All in all, it's an increase of about 18%!! This comes in a time when numbers for a lot of other races are dropping.

Why the increase? As well as being a well organised event, I was wondering if one factor may well be the surge in numbers for the Dublin Marathon due to it being the centenary of the 1916 Rising. Charleville is ideally placed a few weeks out for people to try and see what shape they're in. The course is nice and fast and it's convenient for people in Cork and Limerick.

So I had a look at the numbers for the Flatline Half-Marathon in Athlone which is on about the same time...

Last year, there were about 100 no-shows in Charleville so the likely number of finishers this year should be around 1000. As you can see from the chart, the half-marathon in Athlone doesn't seem to have gotten any boost and actually dropped this year. Meanwhile, the Charleville half looks to be powering ahead.


Anonymous said...

The number of no shows last year was approximately 10% which seems a huge amount. So if that's maintained this year, around 100 people who have paid & entered wont turn up! Is this fairly typical would anyone know?

John Desmond said...

10% is about right for most pre-entry races. People get injured, sick, work, etc.

Anonymous said...

I know you'd never get 100% of pre-entered people to turn up but I didn't think the rate of no-shows was anyway near as high as 10%!