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Monday, September 05, 2016

5000th post and 11,000 Facebook 'Likes'

I only noticed yesterday that the results of the Kinsale 5 mile race was post number 4999 on the site so this one is number 5000! The website is nearly 10 years old at this stage and so much has changed in that decade. Back in 2006, a blog was just an easier way to have a website with less of the maintenance issues. In the last 10 years year, there has been the explosion of social media with the likes of Facebook now being a major presence.

In that time, the 'Blog' has spread out over these other platforms as well and the Running in Cork Facebook page recently passed the 11,000 followers mark.

I look after quite a number of Facebook pages for myself and for other clubs and races. It's fascinating to sometimes see what the difference in scale can mean. With 100 followers, you're basically talking to yourself and a few friends. With 1000, you're starting to be heard but your reach is limited. With 10,000, you really start to be a presence reaching huge numbers of people.

For example in the period from the 8th of August to the 4th of September, the stats say that the Running in Cork Facebook posts reached 328,872 people which is pretty enormous.

The one thing about Facebook though is that they restrict what you as an individual can see. If you don't interact with a page then Facebook will assume you're not interested in it and will show you fewer posts.

To make sure you see all the updates then go to the Running in Cork Facebook page...

Make sure you click 'Like' and you should see the following menu...

Click 'See first' and click where the red arrows point.

You should get this page if you click the second one. Tick Photos, Links and Status Updates to make sure you keep up with everything. I usually don't post more than twice a day on average so your news feed won't be clogged with stuff. Make sure you click 'Done' as well.

Another good way to keep track of everything is to engage with the page. Like and share some posts to show Facebook that this is a page you want to keep seeing.

If you want to follow on Twitter, then join the other 2000+ followers at

On a final note, another stat I noticed is the race calendar on the Running in Cork site is heading towards half a million pageviews!  It's at 462,114 at the moment. There is an identical copy on the Running in Munster site with 211,776 views so the combined total is 673,890.

As for the total of pageviews that blog gets then I can see that the blog stats go back as far as May 2010 and it has gotten 9,417,667 in that time. Add in the three and half years before that date and the total must be well over 10 million.

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