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Friday, September 23, 2016

Clubs at the 2016 Charleville Half-Marathon

One final stat for the Charleville Half-Marathon. Someone asked about the number of clubs and I had look.

These are the clubs that had 5 or more members taking part...

One thing that stands out is just how local most runners are. The vast majority are from the Cork and Limerick which is probably of no great surprise.

Other than Clonmel AC, the numbers from Tipperary seems pretty low so perhaps some of them headed to Kilkenny for the two half-marathons there instead. The story is the same with Kerry and great numbers from either county.

Just out of interest, I had a look at the results for 2012 which is when the field seemed to be a bit faster at the front. There was no major difference other than there are lots of newer local clubs now compared to then.

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