Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Cork City Marathon...1984

Friday, September 16, 2016

Cork City Marathon...1984

I came across this photo recently for the 1984 Cork City Marathon...

I'm not sure if it was a race flyer or was it the front of the results booklet? No websites and blogs back in those days!

So lets see if it'll jog a few memories.

Q. Who is in the photo?
Q. Did anyone do it?
Q. Has anyone got any photos from that period?
Q. Are there any results anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Well, looks like they're heading for the airport and they're not sponsored by Nike!

Anonymous said...

There used to be archieve results on their website. Not sure if they're still there

Unknown said...

My Dad ran in the marathon that year

Anonymous said...

The Lady in Red !!! is Lucy O Donoghue who as far as I can recollect was more or less the poster girl for that Marathon as I think Adidas had a training built around her to show that anyone could run a Marathon on a reasonable easy structured training programme and thinking back she did run a fairly good time, Michael O Connell was the MD of Adidas at that time, he put a lot of work into the race and I am sure ran in it as well, Lucy also had a sister Ida who was a runner . JM