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Monday, September 14, 2015

Q & A with Sonia O'Sullivan about the Sonia 5k next Saturday 19th Sept

The Sonia 5k is coming up next Saturday the 19th of September in Cobh at 6pm. More info in this previous post.

As part of the build up to the race, the organisers had a Q&A session with Sonia O'Sullivan...

Q and A

What will it be like to come home and do the Sonia 5k in Cobh? Will it bring a special feeling…

It's always great to come home and run through the streets of Cobh, there was a time when not so many people ran through the streets of Cobh but that has changed recently and it's amazing really how long it took for some people to catch on to the running bug that I haven’t been able to let go of and still continue to enjoy.

Not many people know but one of my very last competitive races that I won was in Cobh – a 5km on the streets of Cobh at the Regatta 5km in 2007, this was around the time that I was starting to realise that my results were not matching my training efforts .

Cobh is a very compact town and the perfect setting for a race finish especially if the town's people come out to cheer everyone on. It's really great that there will be mile races for children so all the family can be involved and you never know someone new may just catch the running bug.

Ballymore Cobh has seen a huge resurgence in members over the past year and it is fantastic to see so many Cobh people enjoying running and all that it adds to their daily life.

Dun Laoghaire saw a lot of women coming to the event. Why do you think it appealed to women?

It was a surprise to notice the significant numbers of women taking part in the DL Sonia 5k, it was so much fun to see so many groups of women come along for the evening and for me to get the opportunity to run back and share the run with them as they streamed in to the finish line. This is a great opportunity for the women of Munster to join in the fun and make their presence felt on the streets of Cobh.

What is the importance of exercise for mothers and active women?

Exercise is important for everyone but I think women can find themselves often bogged down with all the household chores and cooking. It is just so nice to have that escape to go for a run and this is made so much easier when there are regular times and meeting spots where runners meet up and all are welcome. It's a known fact if you agree to meet someone to run then you are much more likely to get out and exercise whatever the weather.

Will it be extra special to have the run in Cobh as you will have traveled full circle from where you started to one of the pinnacles of your career?

I have ran many miles around the streets of Cobh, up the hills and around the back of the island, on the low road, high road, lake road circuit for as long as I can remember on those cold dark winter nights. Cobh has so many great running routes if you are willing to explore so to culminate with 5km in the middle of the town on september 19th will be really special. So many times I returned to Cobh after winning medals on the European, World and Olympic stage and stood on the back of a lorry just wishing I could do a song or a dance in front of thousands of expectant fans and supporters who were always there for me in good times and bad so to be able to lace up my shoes and run through the town is the action I love to be involved with.

More info on the race website...

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