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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Film 'Desert Runners' showing in Cork...Sun 6th Sept 2015

 This unique film is showing in Cork on Sunday the 6th of September...

From Dave O'Brien....
Hi all : )
Desert Runners Movie has picked up 8 film awards worldwide and now (at last) showing in Cork for the very first time.

After speaking to a large audience in Long Beach, California 2009, I got approached backstage by a lady called Jennifer Steinman, a film producer from New York, who in our own words said, "absolutely crazy attempting to do what only two men on the planet had achieved for the first time ever, the year before. At least they are professional, being the most famous ultra runners in the world. Not to mention the fact that they are almost half your age. You are just an ordinary guy ..... (Pause) You are going to kill yourself, (another pause) .. I want to make a movie of it". (lovely : ) The rest as they say is ...... .... on film.

Note : After coming over to Ireland January 2010 for a few weeks filming, they decided, (unknown to me) based on my training that the auld man wouldn't last 5 minutes out there, let alone run 1,000 Kilometres through the 4 harshest Deserts in the world in a 38 week period.
So not wanting to keep all their eggs in one basket, they roped in another three characters. (just as well, now we have an interesting film : ) But did they all make it ?

Contact number on attached flier or can pay at the door.  Viewing : 3pm. Matinee and 7pm. evening.
Every cent going to Marymount University Hospital & Hospice.

I will be doing a Q&A with the audience after both shows.

Everything supplied except the popcorn....Buckle up for a roller coaster ... See you all there : )

Dave O'Brien

Dave O’Brien Running Bio
In 2010, Dave O’Brien, at the age of 56 became one of only a handful of men in the world, the only Irishman ever and the oldest man on the planet to run 4 x 250 Kilometre races across the Hottest, Coldest, Windiest and Driest Deserts on planet Earth, carrying everything on his back to survive…. and all in a 38 week period.

The Atacama Desert in Chile, 12 weeks later …                                    
The Gobi Desert in China, 12 weeks later …                                                
The Sahara Desert in Egypt and 5 Weeks later …                                  
The final frontier – Antarctica. 

Dave achievements have to be credited to an extraordinary mindset, mental toughness if you will, however, as he says himself, “Health” is the key. While many fuel to “perform”, I fuel to “Repair”

He accredits as he speaks and is known all over the world for -  That distinction between Fitness and “Health”.

Running Career...
500 plus Races all over the world
47 Marathons (e.g. Belfast, Boston, Berlin, Cork, Dublin, London, Memphis, Vienna etc.) fastest time : 2:58:11
2 x 250k  Self Sufficiency Ultra Races over 6 days each 
The Sahara desert 1998 (Marathon des Sables)  
The Sahara desert 2000  (Marathon des Sables)
4 x 250k Self Sufficiency Ultra Races over 6 days each (carrying all food, clothes, medical supplies, survival gear, water etc. for the week on your back)
The Atacama Desert, Chile. 2010. 250 Kilometres - 12 weeks later,
The Gobi Desert, China. 2010. 250 Kilometres - 12 weeks later,
The Sahara Desert, Egypt. 2010. 250 Kilometres - 12 weeks later
Antarctica. 2010. - 250 Kilometres. 
2 x Television reality Survival Shows 
1995 - GB Survival Show, – Ireland,  

2002 - Treasure Island, Fiji.

7 x highest peaks (all over 3,000 feet) in 23hrs28min. Irish record.
1 x Desert Runners Movie. Winning 8 film awards worldwide. 

And for the last two years …. A Barefoot Runner 2,500 Kilometres Run totally barefoot to date.

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