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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Is it time for a Double Road Race?

Anyone that follows road races will know that there are a few strange events out there. A new feature in the USA is the introduction of Double Road Races.

This is a road race with a break in between! They are advertised as 'the only running event with a half time!'

Here are some of the popular formats....

1. Double Marathon Challenge (16.2 miles+10mile) - 10mile Starts 3hr30min after 16.2mile
2. Double 21k Challenge (15k+6k) - 6k Starts 2hr30min after 15k  (aka Double Half Marathon)
3. Double 15k Challenge (10k+5k) - 5k Starts 1hr45min after 10k
4. Double 12k Challenge (8k+4k) - 4k Starts 1hr45min after 8k
5. Double 8k Challenge (5k+3k) - 3k Starts 1hr45min after 5k
6. Double 5k Challenge (3k+2k) - 2k Starts 1hr20min after 3k

This is the website for these races...

Will we see one here???


Unknown said...

Love the idea!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How does the recovery time work between between the fast and slow finishers, is it calculated on the finishing time of the first runner, if so some people would have less of a recovery time or is the second leg a staggered start, anyway it is an interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

Seems crazy to me, but if it helps people to get into the sport, then why not?