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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Running in Cork Facebook page passes 8000 Likes

As many of you on Facebook will know, there is a Running in Cork Facebook page for this website to inform people about new posts. Last weekend, it passed the 8000 'Likes' mark! :o)

It was one of several recent landmarks in that I've just passed the 4,300 posts mark and the site since it has started has gotten over 7.5 million pageviews. When you consider that it is mostly about road races in Co.Cork then that's a lot.

In terms of traffic, the site gets about 35-40 thousand hits per month making the largest running related website in Munster by far.

For anyone on Facebook not getting all the posts, you can change your settings to get the posts to show up properly. Facebook doesn't show the posts from all the pages you follow, only just a selection. As a business, they look for money from page owners to make the posts visible to all the followers.

If you go to the Running in Cork Facebook page then use the tab shown in the photo below and select 'See First'. It can also be useful to put any page you follow into an interest list. You'll see a lot more that way rather than what Facebook decides you should see.

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Anonymous said...

Well done mate, I'd be lost without this site!