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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Floodlit Running Track opens in Mid Cork

A new Floodlit Running Track opens in Mid Cork...

A new running track has just opened in the village of Clondrohid to the north-west of Macroom in Mid-Cork. With assistance from West Cork Development Partnership (€199,290) and Cork County Council (€15,000) and the support of Airtricty, this new 250m floodlit track is a very welcome development for local athletes and runners.

More info......Floodlights for the new running track in Clondrohid (3km west of Macroom) will be hopefully be switched on from the 24th November 2014.  This 250m floodlit 4 lane rubber track also has an integrated 6 lane 100m sprint and run off area.  The track located on Clondrohid Community grounds is available free of charge to members of the public during daylight hours and a €2 fee applies when the lights are on. An evening timetable for when track lights are on will be posted and updated on Clondrohid Astro Facebook page more information on the track can be found on

Overview of the site as it was being developed
Update on the measurements......Lane 4 is 250m in length with 6 lanes for the 100m sprint. This was measured by track contractor (Crawfords) who installed surface and contracted a company to line and measure same. The track is also marked for 200m with staggered starts on lanes 1-4 finishing at end of 100m straight.

While the main target audience is mainly people just keeping fit, the owners would welcome any feedback and suggestions from club or elite runners to improve their facilities.

Location of Clondrohid.... 


Anonymous said...

The lanes 1/2/3 are short.

John Desmond said...

See updated post. Lane 4 is 250m in length.

Anonymous said...

Re poster " not up to standard", some people never happy, i say well done to whoever brought this to fruition its a fab facility to train on by the looks of it, especially for juveniles. Doe,s nt need to be olympic standard to get the benefit from it. Well done again to those who did this rather than just moaning about what we don,t have.