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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New York Marathon last weekend was the largest marathon ever

The New York City Marathon was held last Sunday (2nd Nov 2014) and had a record 50,564 finishers. Not only is this a record for the event but it makes it the largest Marathon ever. The old record was set last year also in New York when 50,266 finished.

Only 309 of the 50,869 people who started the race dropped out which is impressive considering that the conditions were very tough with winds of 30-40 mph buffeting the runners.

From an Irish point of view, some 434 Irish runners took part.

Two Irish women finished in the top 100 women...Margaret McMahon from New York (36th...2:57:13) and Una Plant from Kinsale (82nd...3:04:40)

Updated...Irish results

Top 5 marathons by number
New York City...2nd Nov 2014...50,564
Chicago...12th Oct 2014...40,802
Paris...7th Apr 2013...38,690
London...22nd April 2012...36,672
Boston...15th Apr 1996...35,868


Anonymous said...

Did Berlin 2014 not have over 40,000 also??

John Desmond said...

With regards to Berlin 2014....74,707 pre-registered for it. The lottery selected 40,000 who were then given race entries. 29,027 actually ran it on the day.

Gearóid said...

Wow, interesting! It's must be a major by virtue of the fact records get broken there alone so.

joan ennis said...

Wow!well done Una fantastic time in a huge event all the best Joan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan I'm thrilled fantastic event defo every runner should do it see u soon