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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Results of the Run in the Dark in Cork...Wed 12th Nov 2014

Over 2,100 people turned out for this years Run in the Dark charity event in Cork City. Despite a quick shower before the start, it was mostly dry for the race. As might be expected from a lapped course, it get pretty congested at times especially for the faster runners lapping people.

In the 5k, the majority were clearly women while the bulk of the field in the 10k were men.

 These are the provisional winners...
1    Shane HEALY 18:34 Male  (1)
2    Joey FEERY 19:08 Male  (2)
3    Jamie GAHAN 20:08 Male  (3)
9    Hilary SHAW 20:43  Female  (1) 
11    Stephanie PHILPOTT 21:04 Female  (2)
15    Olivia MURPHY 21:41  Female  (3) 
1    Jonathan MURPHY 38:08 Male  (1)    1
2    Connor MITCHELL 38:53 Male  (2)    3
3    Padraig SHEEHAN 38:56 Male  (3)    2
16    Marie MURPHY 41:21 Female  (1)    16
22    Mary DENNEHY 41:47  Female  (2)    25
43    Claire O DONOVAN 43:41  Female  (3)    68

The provisional results of the 5k are HERE

The provisional results of the 10k are HERE

Photos...(Updated 14th Nov)
1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE 
2) The organisers have a number of photos HERE

This was of course primarily a charity event. This video from the Evening Echo tells a bit about those supporting the event...


dave said...

Not for runners - should be called the walk in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Too many walkers and too crowded. It was more of a fun event that people could use to donate some money towards a worthwhile charity.

Anonymous said...

Many runners complain a lot about this race, if you're a serious runner I would recommend avoiding. Over half the field were walking, it's still quite narrow in places so I treated it almost like a fartlek. Sprint past a hundred till you almost come to a halt with 5 ppl walking abreast. From now on I'd only do the 5k and start towards the front.

Anne Doran said...

It's a charity race and it's supposed to be fun!! I'm sure no-one was using this as a race to beat times. I was glad this year, I didn't hear - "Lead runner, move to the side". It annoyed me last year, but I thought that this years race was very well run and the slight change of course made it more straighter laps. Already signed up for next years race.

Anonymous said...

It's a different 10 k. Not your usual time trial. More interesting. Go really fast for about first third. Then slalom/fartlek for next two thirds. It is what it is. Different and a bit of craic. All for a good cause.