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Monday, November 03, 2014

Notice...Cork BHAA Mahers Sports 6km in Little Is - Sun 16th Nov 2014

This new BHAA race is coming up on Sunday the 16th of November 2014 in Little Island just east of Cork City.

Race HQ on the day is at the Mahers Sports store in Little Island. They are located at Unit 3 in Eagle House.

All profits go to CUH Children’s Unit. €5 for BHAA members & €8 for non BHAA members.

IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Cork University Hospital Children’s Unit, Brooks Running Shoes,
Cork Business Houses Athletic Association.

PRIZES: 1st-3rd place in Men’s & Women’s categories. Prizes will be in the form of Mahers Gift Vouchers. Spot prizes will also be given out.

Some of the prizes

You can pre-enter online HERE

Maps & Directions HERE


Anonymous said...

Do you have to pre register or can you register on the day?

John Desmond said...

Yes, you can enter on the day

Anonymous said...

If you register on the day do you qualify for prizes? Or do you have to wait until the following race?

Anonymous said...

thanks John

John Desmond said...

There is no difference between entering on the day or pre-entering. If you have registered with the BHAA for the year...i.e. €5 entry fee... then you can win the prizes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, its just before i thought the rule was if you registered with bhaa on the day of race you would have to wait until the following race before you qualified for prizes. Thanks for clearing this up. Great service as ever!

John Desmond said...

ok, just to clarify so there is no confusion between the words 'register' and 'enter'.

You need to be a member of the BHAA before you qualify for prizes.

You can register with the BHAA at any time but the best time is obviously at the start of the year as it covers you until year end.

If you are not registered with the BHAA and you enter on the day...i.e. pay €8...then you do not qualify for prizes.

As for this race, you can enter on the day as well as online beforehand.

Unknown said...

What's the route for this 6 km. race.?

Anonymous said...

Is this open to all levels

John Desmond said...

Route...I've added a rough outline of the course to the preview.

Levels...Yes, the race is open to all levels. The BHAA races attract runners of all standards.