Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA Mahers Sports 6k road race...Sun 16th Nov 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Results of the Cork BHAA Mahers Sports 6k road race...Sun 16th Nov 2014

Just over 400 runners turned out for this new 6k road race in Little Island. 

1 Cathal O' Donovan   18:34 Temp Reg
2 James Mccarthy M1  19:21 MAHER SPORTS
3 Darren Molloy M2  19:53 Navy M-A-1
54 Deirdre Nagle  23:17 Temp Reg
61 Andrea Jones  23:46 Temp Reg
78 Aoife Quigley F1  24:33 Dub BHAA

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated Sun 9pm)
1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE 
2) Majella Costello has a gallery HERE 
3) Tara Costello has a gallery HERE 
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE 
5) Graham Nudds has a gallery of over 300 photos HERE

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain how the bhaa do they grading of the the teams in this,how are runners finishing 4th and 6th overall on grade2 teams?! And runners finishing 12th or 13th on grade3 teams,i get the feeling its being done to please the runners from the big companys who hold some of the races!!!

John Desmond said...

This is as far as I know roughly how the team prizes work.

1) Every registered runner is given a grade, a bit like a handicap in golf.
2) In the results, they take the first 3 from each team. They add up their grades and that determines whether they are eligible for prizes in A, B or C.
3) It's possible for say a runner to be in the top 10 and the other two team mates might be a lot slower. Even though his grade is a low number, the combined grades could put them say in B.

Anonymous said...

Eli lilly had a 4th and 6th place runners and a lower runner!!,doesnt seem right that they are placed in grade 2, 2x ips and 2 x co council and 2 x navy teams!! Out of 9 team prizes

Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant race. I will definitely race it again. The hero of the day was the man who took a nasty fall at the 1st corner but got up, dusted himself off and finished in or around the Top 50.

Anonymous said...

Nice race.....annoyed to be given the wrong time though. Bust my balls sprinting down the finish only to have fifteen seconds added to my time. Photos show i'm not just imagining it. Anyone else have this happen?

Anonymous said...

Were the prizes that good that people are complaining about how teams are graded?

Donal said...

Thanks for the clarification John, spot on.

The results are all done in Excel by macros and I have no interest or desire to give prizes to specific teams as seems to be suggested by annonymous1.

Big companies get more prizes because they have more runners running. End of.

All teams are in their correct categories. The 2 IPS runners you mentioned are in grade A so not sure what your issue is here.

99% of feedback is positive so if you want to bring it up with me in person at a race I'm the guy wandering around with a laptop/camera/finishing sheets.

Just to be clear, I'm not on the committee so I'm not writing on behalf of the BHAA.

Anonymous said...

My point is exactly are the 2xips runners in grade 1 and the 2xeli lilly runners that are faster then them in grade 2!!!,its suppose to be a grading system to keep all levels of runners happy??

Anonymous said...

very enjoyable race
well done to all involved

Brian said...

Fair dues for not reading anything Anonymous, I'll try again:

People have a handicap
People in a team (Team 1 will be the first 3 people from a company over the line) add their handicaps together
The combined handicap puts that team in a category.

I am a C runner.
Two other people on my team are C runners. We run a race, a lot of people fall over, we all finish in the top 20.
We are still C runners. We win the C prize.
Our handicaps will be lowered so we are not c runners in the next race.

I am a C runner.
Two of my colleagues are A runners.
They finish top 10, I haul myself around and finish 200th. Our combined handicap is a B.Bi win a prize I usually would have no chance of winning. I go home happy for contributing to a team and giving up donuts for the month of October doesn't feel so bad now.


Anonymous said...


I'm not involved with the grading system or anything but to answer the poster above...the reason why the IPS runners are in grade 1 is because their times for the 3 runners in the team is slower than the 3 runners in the Lily team...The times and grades are calculated on the times made up of the three team members not just the highest ones.

Simple enough really!

Donal said...

Did you read John's explanation at all? It's the sum of the 3 runners ranks that determines the grading. A runner does not have a grade category assigned to them just a rank based on their past performances.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the race yesterday . There was a very relaxed atmosphere , easy parking and access , nice fast course (not flat but still fast) and most appreciated the hot cuppa , sandwiches and jaffa cakes at the end . Well done to all involved .

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying this thread. Great fun!!!!

Daire said...

I think the debate should focus on how many runners work for the firms that the are registered with which was the original idea behind the BHAA. You would be better off scrapping the team prizes and increasing the number of spot prizes for registered least then everyone would have a fair chance.

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand the team prize system but I must praise what I do know about it. I am a rather slow runner and twice this year I got a prize because of others on my team being fast and it was lovely encouragement to stick at it. Also by giving team prizes based on places of employment it is encouraging far more people to run and road race than would otherwise be involved as athletics clubs are sometimes (inaccurately) perceived as being elitist. Keep it up BHAA. You're doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

dequarefella said...

Why are runners such cranky hoors sometimes? It costs a fiver for a race, I couldn't care if I never got a "prize" prize is being physically able to run.

Anonymous said...

Some of the times do not match up with the photo's, is there a problem with the timekeeping?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the exact distance of this race? Some say it was 1/4 mile short of 4 miles,others say 200m short of 4 miles, someone even said 4.2 miles which i doubt very much.

John Desmond said...

The distance was 6 kms which is 3.73 miles.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the previous comment by Anonymous, I as the official bhaa course measurer measured the course by jones counter (on left hand side all the way) and it is exactly 6K. I don't know what Some say-Others say-or Someone even said used to measure the course, but they all got different results, (and all wrong) the Jones Counter is the only acceptable device for course measuring.