Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the FIT Magazine 5k & 10k in Cork City...Sun 13th July 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Results & Photos of the FIT Magazine 5k & 10k in Cork City...Sun 13th July 2014

Conditions were pretty good for this years FIT Magazine 5k & 10k in Cork City. There was a strong breeze from the north-west which kept things a little on the cool side, ideal for a race.
Lead group at the 3k mark in the 10k race...Tim O'Donoghue #11305, Freddy Kearon #11416, Garry Murray #291 and Sergiu Ciobanu behind

Close finish to the mens race in the 10k

10k prize winners
1st man...Garry Murray, St.Malachy's AC 30:40...€800
2nd man...Freddy Kearon, Raheny Shamrock AC 30:46...€400
3rd man...Sergiu Ciobanu, Clonliffe Harriers AC 30:49...€300
1st woman...Orla Drumm, Crusaders AC 36:17...€800
2nd woman...Emma Murphy, St.Finbarr's AC 36:52...€400
3rd woman....Breda O'Callaghan 42:24...€300

1st man...Colm Sheahan, Leevale AC...15:33
2nd man...Stuart Moloney, Mooreabbey Milers AC...15:57
3rd man...Ian Dorgan, St.Finbarr's AC 17:43
1st woman...Aisling Moran, Leevale AC...18:42
2nd woman...Niamh Morgan, UCC AC...19:54
3rd woman...Helen Gilroy, Midleton AC...20:00

Updated...The full results are now HERE

Photos...(Updated Mon @8pm)
1) There are some mostly from the 5k turn around point HERE
2) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a slideshow of photos HERE
3) There are a few photos on the FIT Magazine website HERE

Did you take part in this race? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

Where do i start!!,1st-800euro,2nd-500,3rd-300.what a joke,no wonder it was 25euro to enter and no cat prizes,there were no markings for the 10k race until the 4k mark,none of the stewards seemed to be bothered about telling people out walking to keep the way clear.the race really seemed like a rip off,wont be back to do it.isnt this race promoted by fit mag for the casual running,they seemed to forgot about them.the top 3 were from dublin clubs.brought down by the mag!!!

Unknown said...

Stuart Moloney of Mooreabbey Milers AC came 2nd in the 5k in 15:55

Anonymous said...

I did this 10K on sunday and was also very disappointed with the organisation. None of the stewards knew what was going on, there were 2 water stations between the start and the turning point for the 5k(2k in. Then nothing till the finish of the 10k, Even though there were signs telling us they were coming up (correct me if im wrong). Wont be entering it again!!

Tracy said...

There was a sign for a water station at about the 6km mark that never materialised. Therefore the only water stations were very early on in the race with nothing available for the second half of the 10km race!!

Billy said...

The water stations need to be addressed, especially in the 2nd half of the 10km race there was nothing even though there was 1 clearly signposted. Small sports bottles of water would be much better than the cups of water.
I registered early for €20 and received my t-shirt and freebies.
I thought it was good value

Anonymous said...

"there were no markings for the 10k race until the 4k mark" - were you running with your eyes closed?!

I found the lack of water between the 3k mark and finish a little strange myself too. Had no issue with the stewards, not like the course was difficult to follow

Enjoyed it and will do it again next year

Anonymous said...

Not a brilliant event to be fair. water station issue was especially poor. and seriously where are the results?

Anonymous said...

There was no definite starting mark for the 5k race which was a bit confusing. I agree with the water stations comment too. There was a water station half way through the 5km route and then another at the turn around point, so 3 stations in a 5km race?? Then to add insult to injury for the 10k runners, the water station (handing out bottles) at the finishing line was not clear either.

Anonymous said...

Prob the worst organised 10k race I've done in years.
1.There normally isn't a need for water stations on a 10k but if you put up a sign for one coming up 300m in front of you at least put the actual water station in place then.
2.What was the point in having prizes when Fit Mag & Sketchers brought down their own more Elite athletes to win the race. In fairness 99.9% of the athletes who took part compete every week in Cork races, how were they expected to be successful in their categories when the winners were brought down to win it in the first place. Never again, and I would suggest Fit Mag and Sketchers be asked to explain why only one Category was used to suit "their" athletes. We basically paid an entry fee to subsidise their own people.
3. I didn't find the stewards either helpful or unhelpful to be honest. Avg but hey I'd hate to have seen the race if it had been any busier around Mahon Pt..

Anonymous said...

Agree with the water comments and it's very disappointing when after running it there is no record of you in the results. Not much point in me wearing a chip it seems!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad I didnt signup. I was going to, but the €25 was a bit off putting.
Would have been a good race to watch though with the close finish.

Anonymous said...

I did the 10km on Sunday I thought it was a good race (I am fairly new to the whole running thing though)I enjoyed it but a water station later on was badly needed though. I agree with the suggestion of bottles instead of cups, the cups are impossible to take a drink keep running and not choke.

Anonymous said...

Photo crossing the line at 52.19, a PB for me, and in the results I'm down at 57.25!!! The guy I ran with and crossed the line with is listed as finishing at 52.17..... Don't get what the point of the chip was or where they found 5 minutes to add on to my time :-( Besides that, really enjoyed the run.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I did this race last year and was going to enter yest morn, but decided to run the route myself as I would normally do on a Sunday night.

25 euro was too expensive and from what I read not the best organised race in town. I'm glad I didn't do it, 25 euro in my pocket for other races....

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the race put not used to having things marked out in km much prefer things in miles not sure every km was marked out either

Anonymous said...

Disappointing race my time was inaccurate I may not be one of the elite runners but I love running and my times are important to me.Never experienced such lack of support from the general public not Fits fault i know but if there were enough stewarts around they could have encouraged the public,also never saw so many unleashed dogs running in our path.Last but not least my tee shirt is blank no year no writing on the back

Anonymous said...

I pre registered for the 5K and think it was good value for money (t-shirt, goody bag, food and drink).
But the stewards didn't look too interested and provided no encouragement and the start of the 5K was a bit un-organised.

Overall, the run was OK but could have been better!

Anonymous said...

My first 10k, but have been at several BHAA 5ks etc. It was average.

Long-ish queue for race numbers, then queue for t-shirts, then get bag - could join the dots a little and also for €25 would expect a little more stuff? Gels/bars/etc.

A nice course, flat & fast, good running surface except for the Marina. Stewards at every junction. Don't see the need for water on the course for a 5k or a 10k for that matter, but agree if you put a sign there, put the station there! Not sure it needed toilets at the 6k either... I thought the distance markers were very clear throughout?

Early start was helpful, both in terms of temperature & avoiding too much traffic on the walk - I didn't think it was that busy with non-running traffic.

It was a bit saucy but with that sort of prize money not surprising. Results were published next morning (though well hidden) and online later Monday.

Easily accessible (location and ability wise) 10k on a pleasant course at a convenient time but a bit pricey for what you get.