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Sunday, July 13, 2014

BBC article on 24 hour race

I came across this the other day. Back in June, there was a 24 hour race on a athletics track in Gloucester in England and the BBC had an article on it HERE

As races go, it's certainly up there with some of the strangest. You keep running around and around on a 400m track and reverse direction at set intervals. You never get more than 200m away from where you started and the objective is to run as many laps as possible in 24 hours.

Back in 1982 on the same track in Gloucester, local runner Dave Dowdle completed 686 laps in 24 hours to set a new world record of 170 miles (274kms).

That distance was subsequently broken by Yannis Kouros in Australia in 1997 when he ran 188 miles (303.5km).

The only 24 hour race in Ireland is coming up at the Mary Peters athletics track in Belfast next weekend. The 24 hour race is already sold out with only places left for the 12 hour and relay option.

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