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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Notice...Cloyne 5k race - Wed 6th Aug 2014

The Cloyne 5k takes place in East Cork on Wednesday, the 6th of August at 8pm. As races go, this is a reasonably flat and fast course. There are no real hills as such, just a few short sections where the road rises by a few metres at most. Outside of the Marina course in Cork City, it doesn't get much flatter. If you want to try for a fast 5k time, then this is the one to do.

If you are coming from the Cork city, then Cloyne is just a 22-25 minute drive from the Jack Lynch tunnel. Considering the number of runners within say a 30 minute drive of it, the race is likely to attract a large crowd.

Preview...A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos and description can be seen HERE


Graham said...

Any idea if pre entry will be available the day before? Would be ideal if they expect a bigger crowd than last year.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Pre reg in the national school on the Tuesday night before the race 5-7pm