Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Dry fit top for the FIT Magazine 5k & 10k race

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dry fit top for the FIT Magazine 5k & 10k race

The FIT magazine 5k & 10k race is coming up in Cork City on Sunday the 13th of July.

Included in the entry fee is a dry fit top which is shown below....

As dry fit tops go, it seems to be as good as any other ones that I have picked up over the years. I have a top made by Nike which I know retails at around €23 to €25 in sports shops. I compared that to the FIT magazine top and they seem almost identical. I certainly couldn't say that one was superior to the other.

If you're starting out as a runner and you don't have that many tops then it would certainly be a good reason in itself to enter the race.

You can enter online until Friday the 11th of July or you can enter on the morning of the race.

The organisers have a Frequently Asked Question section on their website HERE

More info about the course in the race notice.


Michael Garibaldi said...

Anyone else sick of dry fit tops and t-shirts at races? it's a nice novelty at first but after a while there's only so many running shirts you can wear, How about a Peak cap, a pair of running socks with the event logo on it, or a running shorts

Anonymous said...

I like the tops plus how many ppl wear peak caps? Wear them 10 or 20 times and chuck em if ya want. Socks would be good but many ppl have their preferences and wouldn't be very good advertising compared to a tshirt. Main issue usually is running out of normal sizes for ppl further down the field.

John Desmond said...

Most of the dry fit tops given out at races are usually for 10 milers and up. It's unusual for a short distance race. A huge number of runners do short distance races only and may not have that many tops.

Anonymous said...

+1 for socks.