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Friday, July 25, 2014

Results of the Churchtown South 5 mile road race...Fri 24th July 2014

A record 588 runners took part in this years Churchtown South 5 mile road race, the third race in the Ballycotton Summer Series. That's up 7.7% on last years numbers and up 37 on the previous record of 551 set back in 2012.

The chart below shows the history of the numbers and times. You'll notice how things have changed in the last decade. In 2004, only a small percentage of the field were over 40 minutes

It was also probably one of the warmest evenings for a road race so far this year. At about 3pm yesterday, the thermometer was hitting 28 deg C and it had gone down to 25 deg C by about 7pm. 

1       25:27    HARTY, Michael    East Cork AC    M    05:05.3
2       25:43    MCCARTHY, James    East Cork AC    M    05:08.5
3       26:41    MEADE, John    St. Finbarrs AC    M    05:20.1
59     31:18    HOLLAND, Ann-Marie    St. Finbarrs AC    F35    06:15.5
99     32:45    CRONIN, Niamh    St. Finbarrs AC    F35    06:32.9
104   32:51    GRANT, Karen    Midleton AC    F    06:34.1

The full results can be seen HERE

Overall positions...John Robinson has compiled the overall positions in the series after 3 races. You can see them HERE

1) Paudie Birmingham has a gallery of photos HERE


Anonymous said...

perhaps it is time for chip timing. the crowds are getting bigger and as it takes even reasonably average runners (32 to 34 minutes) nearly 10 seconds to cross the line it may be the better way to go. costwise it might increase the entry to over a fiver but it would be well worth it. as usual I expect the traditionalists and naysayers to complain here. again thanks to BC promotions for a excellent race

Gerard said...

Someone explained to me that this race is about good fashioned value and he was absolutely right. I have only done the race twice but it was clear it is tremendously popular and the vast majority enjoyed it for what it was. It is good to have this type of low entry race to counterbalance the rampant inflation in some races.We are generally fortunate in Cork to have affordable racing and all credit due to clubs and the BHAA for keeping racing affordable for ordinary runners.Yes it can take a liitle while in some races to cross the start line, but that is just part and parcel of racing; runners simply adjust tactics. It is a a fair achievement to have such a successful race in a small rural area. In many ways East Cork is a mecca for racing.

Anonymous said...

Regards to chip timing and the "average runner" (a) I'm sure the stats will show that the average runner is not the 32 to 34 minute finisher, but the finishers somewhere further down the line.
(b) The chip timing as I call it "the cheap chip" is only of benefit to the organisers, where a lot of runners are coming over the finish line together making it difficult to record finishing times and positions manually. The real chip timing where there is timing mats at the start and finish of a race is the only one that is really of benefit to the runner and would have a big impact on the entry price. However there is a time and a place for everything and everyone, and I believe the local and I am in no way demeaning these races is not the place for chip timing. I agree with Gearoid's comments,and again well done to Ballycotton Running Promotions and the community of Churchtown South.

Anonymous said...

No one is denying any of that gearoid but chip timing would only cost a extra few quid and still maintain the integrity of the series and would if anything make it even better. However adjusting tactics as you say to allow for being stuck way down the middle is a misnomer as in fact it means overcrowding congestion and people not standing in their correct one is saying the lads in BC don't do a great job they in fact do a brillant job. It's like 2 years ago when people said there should be no online entry system for the ballycotton 10 as it spoils the "tradition" of the rush of entering by post when in fact it now makes the race even better. Chips are the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the locals with the water hoses, greatly appreciated with the high temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Cost wise timing mats and chip don't add that much to the price of entry.even a tenner is great value.again well done to ballycotton.

Anonymous said...

Was a very well organised race. There was one serious issue at the start line. There was a large pothole that was hidden by the large crowd. I was next to a runner who almost tripped in the pothole and was caught and held upright by other runners. Putting a white circle around a pothole does' nt make it less of a hazard. Well done to Churchtown South locals and BRP for a well organised race!

Anonymous said...

The road surface in general was disgraceful up past the hall and totally unsuitable for running.

Anonymous said...

Blame the council for that one