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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Results & Photos of the Cork City Sports...Tues 8th July 2014

The 63rd Cork City Sports were held at the CIT track in Bishopstown on Tuesday the 8th of July. The numbers attending seemed to be pretty much the same as last year with the stand area mostly full and plenty of people spread around the ground area as well.

The weather on the evening was sunny but there was a strong blustery wind from the north-west. As well as keeping things a bit on the cool side, it resulted in a strong headwind in the back straight and a tailwind in the home straight.

Overall, there was a very good atmosphere with the crowd really getting behind the Irish athletes.

These are a few of the performances that stood out for me...

Mens 400m hurdles....The Irish record holder 22 year old Thomas Barr finished 3rd in a time of 49.95 seconds.  This was about 1 second outside his best of 48.90 seconds which he set in Geneva last month. Any result under 50 seconds in those conditions is really an excellent performance.
1 Culson Javier                84    PUR      48.41           
2 Dutch Johnny                 89    USA      49.27           
3 Barr Thomas                  92    IRL      49.95   

In the womens 3000m, Fionnuala Britton finished 3rd in a time of 9:01.01. For much of the race, Fionnuala was at the front with Helen Clitheroe sitting behind looking comfortable. Eventually Hall and Duncan took over at the front and the field began to string out behind. It looked as if Fionnuala was beginning to fade away in the penultimate lap but then really pushed for home with about 300m to go and passed Clitheroe and then Penney to finish third.

Womens 3000m. Photo: Gearóid O Laoi

1    99    Hall Marielle                92    USA      8:54.48          
2    94    Duncan Melissa               90    AUS      8:58.14          
3    82    Britton Fionnuala            84    IRL      9:01.01          
4    83    Penney Lauren                90    USA      9:01.33          
5    104    Clitheroe Helen              74    ENG      9:03.95          
6    86    Mori Yuika                   88    JPN      9:05.57          
7    81    McCambridge Maria            75    IRL      9:05.66          
8    101    Omori Naksuki                JPN      9:09.54          
9    85    Nowakowska Dominika          85    POL      9:10.79          
10    98    Treacy Sara                  89    IRL      9:12.35          
14    88    Purdue Charlotte             91    ENG      9:19.86          
15    92    Durcan Ciara                 86    IRL      9:22.70       

Womens 100m...In the womens 100m, Phil Healy of Bandon AC was on fire running a time of 11.36 seconds. A significant factor here was the tailwind of 3 metres per second which for sprinters makes a huge difference. The legal limit is 2 metres per second so any times set don't count as personal bests or as records. However note Phil's time....11.36 seconds. The Irish national record is 11.40 seconds. Phil is still only 20 years old so the chances of her breaking the Irish record in the future must be a real possibility.
Phil Healy of Bandon AC...2nd in the 100m. Photo: Gearóid O Laoi

1 VanBuren Cleo                86    USA      11.35           
2 Healy Phil                   94    IRL      11.36           
3 Whelan Niamh                 90    IRL      11.68           
4 McManus Catherine            92    IRL      11.73           
5 Kiernan Louise               87    IRL      11.83           
6 Buys Elzette                 92    RSA      11.95

Mens 3000m race walk....One of the top performances of the evening was that of Alex Wright in the mens 3000m walk. Alex used to be one of the top race walkers in the UK and declared for Ireland at the start of this year. He is a part of Rob Heffernan's training group in Cork and they are often seen out on the roads locally training. Alex's time of 10:58.47 was a new Irish record and beats the previous record of 11:10.02 which was set back in 2002 by Rob Heffernan. Rob who is of course the world champion over 50 kms also broke his old record.

Alex Wright of Leevale AC...setting a new national record in the mens 3000m walk. Photo: Gearóid O Laoi

    1    238    Bird-Smith Dane              92    AUS      10:56.23           
    2    239    Campion Kevin                88    FRA      10:58.16           
    3    235    Wright Alex                  90    IRL      10:58.47           
    4    230    Heffernan Robert             78    IRL      11:09.08           
    5    233    Hickey Luke                  94    IRL      11:27.81           
    6    232    Boyce Brendan                86    IRL      11:35.92           
    7    237    Treanor James                92    IRL      11:44.96           
    8    234    Lynch Evan                   95    IRL      12:06.33

(The Irish Examiner have an article on this race HERE)

Womens 100m hurdles...In the womens 100m hurdles, Sarah Lavin from Limerick finished second and only two one-hundredths of a second behind the winner. She possibly could have won except for knocking a hurdle in the middle of the race. Sarah's time of 13.30 seconds was very close to her personal best of 13.23 seconds which she set in Geneva last month. The following wind for this race was 1.7 metres per second so it was ok for records.

Sarah Lavin in the 100m hurdles. Photo: Gearóid O Laoi
1 Solomon Serita               90    ENG      13.28           
2 Lavin  Sarah                 94    IRL      13.30           
3 Drew Karla                   99    ENG      13.69           
4 Kleinhaus Erika              99    RSA      14.00           
5 Marrs Megan                  98    IRL      14.15           
6 McManus Catherine            92    IRL      14.33           
7 Williams Sirena              USA      15.78

In the womens 800m race, Laura Crowe and Ciara Everard finished 6th and 8th respectively.
    6    64    Crowe Laura                  87    IRL      2:04.64          
    8    73    Everard Ciara                90    IRL      2:08.29    

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated Wed @11am)
1) Sportsfile has some photos HERE 
2) Gearóid O Laoi has 200+ photos HERE 
3) Graham Nudds has a gallery of photos HERE 

1) Video coverage of the whole meet from AerTV...
Coverage starts at 36 mins.
0:36 to about 1:30.....coverage of the juvenile races
0:58...start of the field events
1:34...1500mjunior women
1:43...1500m junior men
1:55...400m hurdles men
2:07...400m women
2:20...400m women
2:32...3000m women
2:47...100m women
2:51 & 2:58...100m men
3:08...3000m walk men
3:25...100m hurdles women
3:32...Mile men
3:44...800m women
3:52...3000m men

2) Flotrack has interviews with several of the international athletes HERE


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Anyone know who won the American Trophy?

John Desmond said...

Javier Colson, USA winner of the 400m Mens Hurdles was the Winner of the American Trophy for 2014

Anonymous said...

Thanks John