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Friday, July 04, 2014

Closer look at the FIT Magazine 5k and 10k courses in Cork City

The FIT magazine 5k and 10k road race is coming up on Sunday the 13th of July....details in this earlier post.

The 10k course is the exact same as the one used last year. Anyone used to running around Cork should know the route well. Start is on the Centre Park Road....down the Marina past Pairc Ui Chaoimh....after 2kms, past the Pier Head Inn and up a short climb about 300m long....past Blackrock Castle and onto the walkway by the waters edge.....and then back in on the old railway line to the finish line where the race started.

There is a full preview of the 10k course HERE

For the 5k route, take a note of the km markers on the 10k map above and the 5k map below...

The 5k race will start at the 1k mark for the 10k. It will then head down the Marina...up the hill...and down....past Blackrock Castle.....and then turnaround near the 3k mark for the 10k. For the 5k, this is 2k. You then turn around and run back towards the city....up the hill and down....down the Marina....past the 5k start....and onto the finish line on the Centre Park Road.

Times.....As many of you will have noticed, the Munster final is on Pairc Ui Chaoimh that Sunday. As a result, the 10k race will now start at 9am instead of 10am.

For the 5k, the provisional plan is to start that race at 9:15am. That 15 minute head start should mean that most of the 10k runners will have passed by Blackrock Castle and be on the walkway by the time the fastest 5k runners get there.

Other than the short hill at 1.5k and 2.5k, the rest of the course is dead flat.

To enter, visit the FIT Magazine website.

View of the river from about halfway on the 5k route


Ian said...

€25 seems very expensive for 10k. How much is for charity. A contribution to charity is a bit vague.

Anonymous said...

Only found out the start time changed to 9am when I got my race number in the post this morning. Very disappointed that the time had to change (I understand it's because of the match) and with the late notice. Too late now to re-organise baby sitter etc. so we'll just have to miss it. No mention of getting our €50 back or of posting our tops out to us. I won't enter a Fit Magazine race again.