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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Results of the Great Island 10 mile road race - Sun 13th Apr 2014

A large crowd of 568 runners turned out for this years Great Island 10 mile road race in Cobh. Conditions were absolutely perfect for the but not cold...and a gentle breeze.

The top men and women are shown below. You'll notice that Sonia O'Sullivan who finished last year in about 69 minutes has obviously been doing some extra training and finished this year in 3rd place in 63:26.

1    Colin MERRITT (358)     54:32     Ages 40-44  (1)     Male  (1)
2    John Meade (794)     55:12     Senior Men  (1)     Male  (2)
3    Elton Heffernan (731)     55:16     Senior Men  (2)     Male  (3)
4    Michael BUCKLEY (310)     57:36     Senior Men  (3)     Male  (4)
5    Gordon Cronin (740)     58:04     Senior Men  (4)     Male  (5)
6    Geoffrey CASEY (474)     58:17     Senior Men  (5)     Male  (6)
7    Eric BROWNE (860)     01:00:11     Senior Men  (6)     Male  (7)
9    Kenneth O'REGAN (258)     01:01:06     Senior Men  (7)     Male  (8)
10    Patrick BRUTON (197)     01:01:44     Ages 45-49  (1)     Male  (9)
11    Sheldon KIRKWOOD (804)     01:02:07     Senior Men  (8)     Male  (10)

8    Jill HODGINS (102)     01:00:46     01:00:43     Female 35-39  (1)     Female  (1)
15    Anne Marie HOLLAND (253)     01:02:40     Female 35-39  (2)     Female  (2)
23    Sonia O'Sullivan (757)     01:03:26     Ages 40-44  (1)     Female  (3)
27    Joyce WOLFE (309)     01:03:54     Female 35-39  (3)     Female  (4)
61    Mary SWEENEY (764)     01:08:47     Ages 50+  (1)     Female  (5)
92    Amy WOLFE (805)     01:11:22     Senior Women  (1)     Female  (6)
122    Sandra MANNING (321)     01:13:25     Senior Women  (2)     Female  (7)
137    Jessica BRUTON (198)     01:14:17     Senior Women  (3)     Female  (8)
140    Ann DONNELLY (848)     01:14:42     Ages 50+  (2)     Female  (9)
147    Noreen CROWLEY (41)     01:15:32    5     Senior Women  (4)     Female  (10)

Results......The provisional results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Fri 18th Apr)
1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE 
2) The organisers have two galleries. One from the early part of the race HERE and some from near the finish line HERE 
3) John Carmody has a gallery HERE


Anonymous said...

Great idea having pacers this year they were great.well done on another great race.

Anonymous said...

Great race but could have done with one water bottle station

Go Pre said...

The hills to me represent the cancer that is taking so many from us each year, this is the hard journey that we must take and our friends to stop this terrible thing. The second 5 miles of downhill and flat are the peace and dignity that many have been through as a result of the work that must continue. Some of the handwritten signs, perhaps by a school, were incredibly humbling and made me feel that we can win with races like this. Coming into the town centre to finish seemed more raucous and exciting than in previous years. Sonia is a legend. My all time favourite race...every year..

Anonymous said...

I agree the pacers were a fantastic. great race i thought the signs around the course were encouraging but also made you think at the same time what cancer patients go through. In other words keep going this hill isnt going to last forever - my pain running the hill is short lived. It was an emotional event.

Anonymous said...

It was my first time doing this 10 mile and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The hills were tough alright but the day was perfect, temp nice and cool, no sun. Plenty of water and support along the route. I'll be back next yr for it and will be better prepared for those hills.
Well done to the organisers and the people of Cobh for a great day out.

Glenn said...

My first time running this one but I was forewarned about the hills. Very well organised and a good testing course. One of the best things for me was the start time, 10:30 am is ideal. Perfect conditions too and money raised for a worthy cause.

Fergal Quinlan said...

Pacers excellent great advise on the hills if only everyone listened great stuff John Desmond

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best races around if you ask me. Easy to get in and away, register on the morning if need be, a savage spread afterwards and its very well supported at the finish in Cobh. In fairness, Cobh really get behind this race and it shows.

i would also like acknowledge the great Sonia O'Sullivan. Im sure that when you accomplish what she has that it might be easy to shy away from these type of races when she was actually very much to the fore. A Legend in every sense.

Anonymous said...

Excellent race & very well organised yet again. The signs were excellent and brought home what the race was about. Well done all in supporting and to people of cobh city including Sonia for making it a great event.