Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Updates on entries to the Cheetah Run in Fota Wildlife Park

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updates on entries to the Cheetah Run in Fota Wildlife Park

The Cheetah Run is a 4 mile race in Fota Wildlife Park on Thursday the 15th of May. A total of 900 places are available. 450 entries are available at 10am today the 30th of April. If they sell out, the remaining 450 will be available at 7pm this evening.

You can enter online at...

Updates....Entries open at 10am
10:05...116 in!
10:08...275 gone
10:12am.....The first batch of 450 entries are now gone. The next batch open at 7pm this evening.
7pm...Entries are open again!!
7:05pm...Timing chip website crashed! Back again after a few mins. Too many people trying to enter.

11:30pm...There were a lot of problems with the second batch of entries. A total of 50 ended up not being sold. These are now available....first come, first served!

Thurs 6:45am.....Still 24 places left for any early birds!
7:35am...15 left
Entries are now closed.


James Greenham said...

looks like the precision registration site has just crashed.. I'm getting ugly apache server errors

dtobin101 said...

I havent received any confirmation email following payment, are confirmation emails to be sent out?

Anonymous said...

What a mess , got as far as submitting payment details then a nothing , nada !!!

John Kissane said...

I got an email pretty much straight away from Precision Timing syaing I'd successfully registered after submitting yesterday

Presume there will be a list of entrants available to check at some stage.