Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Passage West Community 10k road race...Fri 25th Apr 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Results of the Passage West Community 10k road race...Fri 25th Apr 2014

The weather conditions for this particular race can only be described as pretty awful. After being fry for most of the day, the rain started around 6:30pm and was in pelting down in time for the race. Full credit to the 162 hardy souls that took part in the race and helped raise funds for the Cork City Hospitals Childrens Club. Looking through the photos, it's obvious that a small army of volunteers from the local community were also standing out in the driving rain for the duration of the race so full credit to them as well. It's just such a pity that after all the months of preparation and work for this race, the weather should end up being so bad. Fingers crossed for next year!

1    John Meade    St Finbarrs    O30    34:49
2    Alex O'Shea    St Finbarrs    O40    35:01
3    Cornelius Marshall    St Finbarrs    O30    35:59
13    Deirdre Nagle    Eagle AC        41:24
22    Anna Doris    Midleton AC    43:14
40    Elaine Guinane    Eagle AC    O30    46:32

The full results can be seen HERE

Local volunteers helping out at the finish line
Photos...(Updated Sat 26th @10pm)
1) Kieran Minihane has 141 photos HERE 
2) Derek Costello has a gallery of 147 photos HERE 
3) Another small gallery and a video of the start from the organisers HERE 
4) Kelly McEveney has a number of photos HERE

(Photos in post courtesy of Kieran Minihane)


Anonymous said...

Well done to all runners, organisers and volunteers for another great event this year.

Anonymous said...

Challenging course and challenging weather. A memorable race, well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the organisers,guards and volunteers along the route ,for support,water ,and encouragement on a tough night for running....

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all the volunteers and supporters for coming out in such awful conditions to help us along!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the organisers,volunteers,stewards ,guards it can't have been easy standing in those least we were moving,not very fast but we were moving!!well done to all the runners who braved this challenging course.

Glenn said...

Yep, have to commend the volunteers for this race, you wouldn't put a dog out in that weather, well done to all.

Anonymous said...

Challenging course, dire conditions, but def back next year!!

Thanks to all the stewards and volunteers out there last nite, great spread after as well in clubhouse.


Anonymous said...

This should be advertised as the toughest 10k on the calendar. It's fantastic. The pain and suffering and then brillianr downhill finish was a real feel gooder. This is a race to challenge youself and thats what racing is all about. I loveed the rain too!! Word of awe to the volunteers. well done.

Anonymous said...

Best race of the year so far.The organisers,volunteers,guards,runnersall deserve a big pat on the back!! Roll on next years race..

Anonymous said...

Really great race, deserved better from the weather gods. Started bang on time, loads of marshalls, great course dominated by the giant hill. I swore at the finish last year I'd never do it again, same last night, now looking forward to next year already. I hope they get great weather and the 300+ runners the event deserves next time.

John Kissane said...

Definitely a challenging course, the wind & rain when we got over the final hill was impressive.

Great event however & huge thanks to all the volunteers who were out along the route.

Joe Higgins said...

Excellent run! Thanks to the organisers and volunteers (esp. Orla, Eoin & Áine :-)).

This used to be my 'standard run' over 30 years ago, it was nice to run as part of a larger group. The
conditions suited me perfectly.