Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results and photos of the Samsung 10k Night Run in Cork...Sun 27th Apr 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Results and photos of the Samsung 10k Night Run in Cork...Sun 27th Apr 2014

There was a huge turnout of 1019 runners for the first Samsung 10k Night Run in Cork...Sun 27th Apr 2014. As for which was the fastest city? It was of course Cork with an average time over a minute faster than Dublin :o)

For large high profile events like this, the gender split tends to be 50:50. In this case, it was roughly 58:42 which perhaps suggests that maybe 10 kms might have been a bit too far for some?...especially those who have done a 'couch to 5k programme'.

The winners of the race were Sergiu Ciobanu and Orla Drumm.

1 Sergiu Ciobanu     0:30:40  Male     1
2  Cathal O'Donovan     0:31:40  Male     2
3  Alan Oshea     0:32:12  Male     3
4 Orla Drumm     0:35:30  Female     1
48 Mary Dennehy     0:42:09  Female     2
80 Clodagh McMorrow  0:43:21  Female     3

The race results for Cork can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated Mon 10am)
1) Kieran Minihane has some photos HERE
2) Grahan Nudds has a gallery HERE

1) Runners on South Terrace...


Unknown said...

Great course well done to all its gonna be a huge event next year.Could have done with a few more water stops along the way in bottles not cups.
But thats a small gripe well organised event and Cork won even better :)

John Desmond said...

I know water bottles are better but in an event like this, they're a disaster. They end up being thrown away everywhere along the route. Who is going to pick them after the event? At least with cups, they end being thrown away within 100m or so of the water station.

Brian said...

Seriously, there's little requirement for water on a 10km run, and the crowd is usually so clustered (and casual runners not fully versed in how dangerous cutting across to get water can be) that water stops can be a serious safety issue. Bring your own water if you need it that badly.

Anonymous said...

Cork winning time 0:30:40
Dublin winning time 30.09

Always next year Boyo's

Unknown said...

True i suppose buts its nice to carry a small bottle for a while to sip instead of trying to gulp down cups.More water ends up on your face than down your throat.As i said though small gripe and great event overall :)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Cork winning nationality: Moldovan
Dublin winning nationality: Kenyan

Anonymous said...

can cork people come off their high horse before I get sick.....other people ran from other counties within Munster so I would say Munster came out in force

Anonymous said...

you do realise its samsung pushing the Cork/Dublin thing and not the "cork" people

Noel O B. said...

Excellent event - really enjoyed the run and will defo do it again next year.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the run.Very well organised. Lots of support & encouragement all the way around. Great atmosphere from start to finish. Would highly recommend it & will be doing it again next year (faster I hope)

Gerard said...

I am inclined to agree with Brian about there being no need for water at distances like 10 k and it just makes sit more difficult to organise and clean up after races.
A good training idea is not to use water during training runs of an hour or less. For anyone hoping to do a good time slowing down to collect water just disrupts your pace and slows you down. Mind you, that is only my opinion. It would be interesting to get other opinions on the question of using water on in short races.