Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Training session with Rob Heffernan...Sun 23rd Dec

Friday, December 21, 2012

Training session with Rob Heffernan...Sun 23rd Dec

Irish Olympian Rob Heffernan has issued an open invitation for anyone that wants to join him for a training session this Sunday, the 23rd of December.

Rob will be doing a 30km training session this Sunday starting at 10.30am, starting at the tunnel end of Little island & completing laps. Pace will be 7.35-7.50 mile. He’d enjoy some company, whether it's for the full 30 kms or jumping in for 10 kms or more...the more people the better.

It’s a good opportunity for a bit of fun and to have a bit of an atmosphere at a long training session coming into Christmas, and a nice way for him to meet and train alongside the many people who have supported and congratulated him.

Rob will be training, but will be happy to chat and get the company of runners. It's an open invite, so anyone coming along should ensure they wear suitable clothing, bring necessary fluids & nutrition and work at their own pace.


Anonymous said...

that sounds very good indeed. hope he doesn't get a deluge of people coming !!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great idea , what he did in London was historic and he is one of our own and a great man . I will bring a bike , Santa hats should be worn by all.