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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Looking ahead to the Clonakilty Marathon...Sat 8th Dec 2012

For the first two years of this race, all three events started and finished in the town of Clonakilty. This year, the start and finish has been moved to Inchydoney on the coast which means the races go nowhere near Clonakilty itself.

Please note the different scales above for the 10k race and the other two.

10k.......Even though the top graph might suggest otherwise, it's really not too hilly. The start is largely downhill for about a mile....reasonably flat until 5 miles.......and then a pull for the last mile to the finish line. Not a serious hill but a hill all the same.

Half-Marathon......In the first two years, the Half-Marathon turned for home well before it reached the scenic coastal stretch by Rathbarry and Long Strand. While it doesn't quite make it to Longstrand this year, you should get a good view of the coastline. Note the hill around mile 9! By comparison, the finishing hill looks tiny but expect it to be felt as you get tired.

Marathon.......A longer version of the Half with added hills as a bonus! I don't think anyone runs Clonakilty to try and run a Marathon PB as it's not a fast course. The attraction is the coastal route and the scenery. Note that the bad hills are in the second half. Keep something in reserve when you are doing the first half. Remember that hill at the end. It might seem tiny in comparison to the others but at 25 miles, it wont feel so small.

Weather......The current forecast is that it will be sunny, dry and cold......around 5 deg C. In fact the conditions sound ideal. If you are running the Marathon then make sure you have plenty of clothes. A jacket might be overkill but wearing two dry fit tops may not go amiss. Needless to say, gloves and a hat are essential.


George Anderson said...

Good luck to everyone running the Clon!

Anonymous said...

Wish the organisers had the manners to reply to a request for a refund three weeks before the race date.

It's impolite to not even acknowledge a request given a participant can't make the race due to University commitments.

Not sure if this is acceptable under the Distance Selling Regulations Act.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on website about water station locations, toilet facilities or if there are any gels provided on the course and at what mile?
Tried ringing the mobile number website to find out. My calls were ignored also.
Peed off before I even stared the race!!!!
Important information like that should be made available.