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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Latest Ballycotton 10 news...Thurs 6th Dec


A total of 1,405 postal entries were received up to Wednesday December 5th, leaving 1,095 remaining for online entry. All the names of those entered can be seen here in alphabetical and numerical order.

Online entries will open at 2pm on Friday December 7th and will close when total limit of 2,500 has been reached – meaning 1,095 online places are available.

Once online entries have closed, a pdf copy of the entry form will appear on the website. This is for AAI club runners (and those who have ran the Summer Series), along with people living overseas. These entries will be accepted by post up to Tuesday December 18th and Tuesday January 8th respectively.  

You can enter online HERE from 2pm on Friday, the 7th of December.


Anonymous said...

SAE sent in November,
Entry Form arrived Monday,
filled out & posted back Tuesday with cheque(from Cork),
name not on list,
What should I do ?
"worried" in Cobh

Anonymous said...

those that mean does who names appears in the alpabethical list will get a place?

John Desmond said...

1) If your name is on the list then you are in.

2) If you are not on the list then your entry did not arrive on time. You should now try to enter online tomorrow Friday the 7th at 2pm. That's your only chance.

Keith S said...

Hello John,
Can AAI club runners enter online and avoid the postal hassle/scenario?

Rgds Keith S

John Desmond said...

Yes Keith, AAI club runners can enter online like everyone else...subject to it closing once the limit is reached. After that, you'll have to use the post option.

Anonymous said...

John, re. comment no. 3 by your goodself, if you posted in the entry + cheque & are not on the list what should you do next? Your earlier post said: "3) --- online entries will open and remain open until the figure of 2,500 has been reached – this will be a combination of postal and online entries." Maybe it will become clearer when Online opens, but what happens to the entries arriving after List posted but before Online opens are they returned? how will you know if they are accepted or rejected

John Desmond said...

As of the last post on Wednesday, they had 1405 entries. Any entries after that arrived today Thursday will be rejected and returned....unless of course they are club or series runners.

If you sent an entry and you are not on the lists then your entry will be returned (again, unless you are a club or series runner).

Hope that makes it clear?

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I only received my entry on tuesday. I sent it by registered mail yesterday, so it would have arrived today. Do you know if it will be accepted or will i have register online? My name is Marc smith

John Desmond said...

Marc, if it arrived today then it was not accepted. The last day for entries was Wednesday.

Try to register online tomorrow Friday at 2pm.

Anonymous said...

What are the payment options for online entry tomorrow? Will laser/creditcard details be accepted?

John Desmond said...

Probably credit card as is usual for all online transactions. Not too sure about Laser though? Possibly not.

Anonymous said...

I'm an overseas runner An I enter via the internet at 2.00pm or do I have to wait for the PDF and post it?

John Desmond said...

Overseas can try and enter today online or just wait for the forms to appear online Sat/Sun and download them. You'll have until early January to get your entry back by post.

Anonymous said...

much better system this year, just entered online with no problems. well done to organisers

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed - posted entry form received on Monday from CORK. Obviously people drove down and physically handed it in?? I've missed out on online entry as only checking now - was confident it wouldnt take longer than 3 days to get down to ballycotton P.O. ;-/

Anonymous said...

I sent off my cheque and my entry form and did the four races but I am not included in the first list of names and I sent it off on time. Does this mean that I am not in the race?

John Desmond said...

1) Pat...As you did the 4 summer races then you should be entered ok.

2) Entries were by post only. Direct entries are not accepted. Every year, people complain about posting on Monday and not getting in.

alan said...

i am entering from england
i cannot send a cheque in euros can i send a sterling cheque.
if so for what amount
or can you suggest an alternative.
we are hoping to bring a party of 15 runners from wesham road runners and they will all have the same problem
hope you can help
alan hudson wesham road runners

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Hi Alan,

Any decent High street bank should be able to give you a EUR Bank Draft.
They will change a little extra for this.
Many years ago, before the Internet & Credit Cards, Irish people would get STG bank drafts, when buying stuff mail order from the UK.

Noreen Mav said...

How do you enter as an overseas competitor? I am home on holidays, and will be back 1st March for a wedding and would like to take part, have done the race in the past as a "local" LOL. Thanks Noreen

Unknown said...

Hi lads, when is the updated list going up as I entered by post as a club .thanks, David