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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Results of the Clonakilty Marathon...Sat 8th Dec 2012

Having done the Marathon here three years in a row, this was by far the best in terms of the weather. Blue skies and sunshine for all three races on what was a very pleasant winters day. This of course really made for very nice views, especially in the full Marathon as it followed the coast.

This was also the first year that it started and finished in Inchydoney as opposed to inside in the town of Clonakilty as it had on the two previous occasions. It was however not without it's problems with it seems a lot of people having trouble getting to the start line on time. It's obvious that if the location is changed then there are going to be new problems and the cul-de-sac nature of Inchydoney made things difficult.

This resulted in a delay in the start of each race which may not have been such a big issue in itself but the real problem was that the Half-Marathon started too soon after the full.. The faster Half runners had to thread their way through a bunched Marathon field on narrow roads. That really needs to be fixed. A larger gap between the races starting would have helped a lot.

The courses were hillier and harder this year. Then again, no-one goes to Clonakilty to run a fast time. Both courses are challenging and I liked the full course. Nice rural country roads with a mix of countryside and coastal running.

From my viewpoint, the finish area was fine with tea/coffee, bars, sausages and black pudding on offer! I heard however that it was a different story for many of the Half-Marathon finishers. There were too many finishing in a short space of time and everything was very crowded. In this respect, the empty building last year was much better as there was loads of space. The marquee was just too small with one entrance/exit. The queues for the spa/showers in the hotel were apparently so long that many people didn't bother.

From my own point of view, I thought it was a good event. It obviously has some issues that need to be dealt with for next year. However, my opinion is from the viewpoint of someone who ran the Marathon as a 3:45 pacer. I did not have to weave my way through slower runners and I finished when most of the Half-Marathon runners had left.

What did you think? Leave a comment below...

Update...Mon 10th Dec...Please note that the results are still provisional at this stage. It would seem as if there are still lots of errors with Half-Marathon runners appearing in the mini-marathon results.

6 mile mini-marathon HERE
(Updated 9:45am Mon 10th Dec)

Half-Marathon results HERE
(Updated 9:45am Mon 10th Dec)

Marathon results HERE

Photos......(Updated 11th Dec 2012)
1) Eoin Fegan has a large gallery of photos HERE


Anonymous said...

Tough course but enjoyed the race and will be back again next year!!

Anonymous said...

Did this race today with a few friends and all of the times on the provisional results appear to be way off of what we thought ourselves. Is there anyone else finding the same? PS thought that it wasn't the most organised of races.

Anonymous said...

This may just be me but has anyone else noted a difference between their garmin time and chip time. Or am I just being pedantic ?

John Desmond said...

Results are very provisional at this stage. Give it a day or two and we'll see if they get more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Poor organisation at clonakilty today. Start delayed for 40 minutes and no clear instructions on where starting line for half marathon and 10 km was and on time gap between different races. Bagdrop area was disorganised with long queues in overcrowded marquee. No lights in marquee yesterday for registration at five pm on friday and handtorchs was only lighting!! No clear indication at end of race which set of timing mats was the actual finish line. Big queues again at bag drop after race!! To cap it all, the chip times for half marathon seem to be inaccurate by over six minutes!! for start of different races. Weather was beautiful and lovely (hilly)course, well marshalled. Black pudding in marquee hit the spot!! But for a hefty €50 entry fee with no charity benefitting, you would expect much better. Contrast this with brilliantly organised Ballycotton 10 entry of €15!! Eamo

Anonymous said...

To be the honest I thought it was a right shambles. 1) large scale traffic delays getting there 2) massive penlike overcrowding at the hotel area. A number of experienced marathon runners were very unhappy 3) the half marathon and 10K races were on top of each other with people reduced to a jog for first 3 miles 4) no good stewarding - the first aid girl at the finish was very unhappy about the layout 4) wrong timings. A right old of rubbish. Not feasible in it's currecnt state and no amount of anon comments from organisers will justify it.


Dan said...

Completely agree with Eamo's comments. To add to them, stewards should have been directing people to the car parks in Clon, and informing them of the buses and train, instead of having upwards of a hundred cars causing a massive tailback on the approach road to Inchydoney.
Also, my sister and my kids along with many other people with small children were waiting about an hour in the cold for the promised transport from the model railway village to Inchydoney at about 10/11am. I'd finished as had many others by the time they arrived.
At 45/50 euro per head entry fee, that's not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Nice course, tough but we all like a challenge
Well marshalled throughout the course
I like the small bottles of water
Nice tech tshirt
Nice medal
Plenty of parking.

Start line was a shambles - no one could hear the announcer. No one knew where the actual start line for the half was, walkers were holding people up because it was such a tight area to start. The walkers should start either half hour before of after. I lost up to 2 mins at the start due to pretty much having to walk. I

Finish line was a shambles. One tent was used for everything. There should be a separate tent for bag drops, food, massages & shops selling. Everyone was just standing in there not knowing where to queue and everyone started pushing and getting really annoyed. Same doors were used for but entrance and exit, it was actually not safe if anything went wrong.
Right at the finish line people were just standing there blocking everything, there should have been a clear path for the finishers after.

The start being delayed for so long really unsettled runners. Its bad enough for something like that to happen on a warm day but when it's a cold day like today it could have lead to so many injuries.

No one knew which were the actual start maps and the finish maps.

We'll wait to see how the results are finalised because they are not close to my watch time.

At the moment I'm unsure if I will be back next year. For €50 they would want to offer better organisation.

Anonymous said...

Ah john, not good enough, 3-45-01, come on get it together. 1 second out, not bad pacing i suppose. fantastic. j

John Desmond said...

Pacers go on chip times...14 seconds inside ;o)

113 John Desmond M45 03:45:01 03:44:46

Anonymous said...

A question for the organisers....If it's not acceptable to dump rubbish in the countryside, why do you think it's ok to release hundreds of balloons? Where exactly do you think they end up? Out of sight, out of mind?

Brendan / Kinsale said...

This was my second Clon half and second year with delays but then that was an obvious result given the location but waiting 40 mins was disgraceful I felt.
The start area was badly crowded, collecting race packs on the day did not work these should be posted out, at a cost of €50 for the half I think the organisers can cover that cost.

At the finish, chip collection was not existent with the chip boxes on the ground, and a small sign next to it. I was thinking about doing the Clon Back2Back races but if this is an example of the organisation, then I'm sorry you guys don't deserve my hard-earned cash.

The positive, yes there was one, was the course, much improved and more challenging than last year with regular spread of water stations.

I'll finish by saying that the chances of there being a hat-trick of races at Clon for 2013 is highly unlikely.

Brendan / Kinsale

Brendan / Kinsale said...


I hope the organisers review the feedback on here and we hear something from them in the coming weeks as to what went wrong, why it did and how they hope to address the issues going forward.

Brendan / Kinsale

Anonymous said...

Did the full today and it's my first time commenting on an event but as someone coming in over 5hrs - it was horrendous for us over the last 2 and a bit miles- had to stop and pull up on the ditch more than 3 times to avoid getting knocked down- cars, Garda vans, fruit and veg trucks on both sides of the road all the way up to the finish- worst finish I have ever come across!
Other than that, nice top, plenty of water stops and friendly stewards, tough course but was expected - finish was a real let down- rgds Catriona

Rose Magner said...

We came to Clonakilty to do our first full marathon and though it was tough we were delighted with the event. The start was disorganised for sure but the marshalls, water stops,sunshine, views and nice people made the day. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

having done the half a few years ago i did the full today just t go 4 a run...ran with a friend and completed it in over 5 hrs as such.. the course was fab scenery was amazing... really lovely route... water stations were brilliant plenty of water etc and well marshalled.start was a mess but hopefully they will learn 4 next year...
p.s. woud love t run in feb but would love t hear some feedback from the organisers....

Anonymous said...

Fantastic weather, running t shirts, water bottles, very friendly stewards, challenging but enjoyable half marathon route.
Did the 6 mile run last year and would like to see race return to town for atmosphere running through clonakilty main street, convenience of parking and the hall was a better place for runners. No delays after as everyone had gear in their cars so could head for home after complimentary tea, biscuits, bananas. As a half marathon runner this year I got a bottle of water on finishing . Full stop. Later when my husband finished full marathon I was lucky as oat bars appeared and were appreciated.
I had to travel to clon on fri from cork city to collect my number so please post in future to spare those not from the area. Charge a nominal fee for showers eg €3-5 and it will reduce crowds. Changing rooms... Male and female chaotic. Staff caused runners a lot of stress by insisting on card to prove they took part in a certain race..... Very obviousy in my sweaty t shirt, medal, green number etc.
I arrived at model village at 8 am thinking I had loads of time. Open toilets there next year. Saw no portaloos at all at hotel. Were they there? Huge queue at ladies public loo where only 2 out of 3 loos were functional. Heard hotel wouldn't allow use of facilities pre race as toilets blocked. 2500 people doing any type of race need lots of portaloos.
Queue to drop bags crazy. Had to let mine under a hedge and was glad after race as friends queued for 45 minutes to get bag post half marathon and then had to endure another battle to use shower as they left card for use of shower back at car at model village.
Finally I feel my official time is 2 mins out compared to my watch. Thought I pressed start as I passed over mat.
I enjoyed my run but had to get thus off my chest. Move away from hotel location please.

Anonymous said...

Race was challenging, some tough hills and nice views. Nice top. Nice medal. Locals very friendly and encouraging along the route.
On the otherside:
1.Getting to Inchydonny was a disaster, very bad tailbacks, if the race is being held there then all traffic should have been kept at Clon and very regular buses to get entrants to start. A toy train won't suffice.
2. Start was a complete shambles. Everything was on top of each other and the PA couldn't be heard.
3. For a race in December standing around in the cold for 40 minutes isn't advisable.
4. Bag drop very badly organised.
5. For entrants who had to collect on the day it was a complete sham too, if you charge €50 then at least post out the chip and race number. Rest of stuff could be handed out at the finish line.
6.Post race tents , tea and drink stations on top of each other.
7.Bag collection disaster.
8.Showers afterwards was never going to happen but the hotel cant be blamed for that and did their best to facilitate however organizers should have known that it wouldn't work with the numbers involved and just not bothered and people would have prepared better.

AS it was first year to start and end in that location teething problems can be expected. For €50 I don't think i'll be rushing back however if I do end back there I hope the organizers take on board whats being said here.

Lev Yashin's Ghost said...

Didn't run this year because i wasn't prepared to get to Clon to pick up my race pack a day before. This needs to be posted out. This sounds like a case of a major sponsor, like Inchydoney Hotel wanting some footfall for their money. Buddies of mine appalled at the dis-improvement compared to last year. For such a promising to race to really mess up this big is very worrying.

It stand lose out next year.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the race,great weather but a pity about the delayed start and the wrong times

Anonymous said...

Have to agree...delayed start was very bad - having warmed up to run - then had to wait 40 minutes to start - couldn't leave to go to the toilet as didn't know if I'd miss the start when it finally happened - not a safe way of organizing a race.

Race packs should be posted - not collected - too far to drive and the cost of a stamp is minimal.

If it had rained - the car park which was a large field would have been so muddy most cars would not have been able to get out.

The post race refreshments were poor.

The bag drop was dis organised at best.

However, the race was excellently marshalled - plenty of sports cap bottles and good support on the way.

Course was very hard and challenging and an excellent course with excellent views and was good fun.

For next year - won't be running - not if they still charge 55 euro for the race without the comments being taken on board.

Anonymous said...

I did the full marathon and while I found it tough I really enjoyed it. The stewards & gardai were fantastic on the route really friendly & encouraging, plenty of water stations, great views and of course the weather was a big plus. Also I really liked the little touchs that you don't get at larger marathons like singing the national anthem or the Monseigneur saying a few words.
I know it was chaotic at the start and there was a long delay but the organisers were between a rock and a hard place they couldn't start while people were sitting in traffic. I think the point about making everyone park in Clon and having regular buses is a really good idea and if the starting location reamins the same it should be looked at next year.

Also the sigange for the poraloos could have been better there was loads of toilets available but they were completely underused while there were long queues in the hotel.
I would think the new location is a challenge and it takes time to get organised. Also I'm sure a lot of hard work went into organising this and that next year a few samll changes can make it an even better event.

Anonymous said...

I had supported the Clon run by running the half in the last two years but when I heard the start was being moved to Inchadoney I said "no thanks"
In my opinion it was always a recipe for disater trying to get that many people into that area for 3 races was never going to work well.

Anonymous said...

I am an experienced runner and I ran the half marathon today.
I ran the race last year and thought it was better oraganised.
The Positives
- Good t-shirt and Medal
- Good stewarding throughout the race.
- Plenty water stations.
- Good race route, challenging at times.

The negatives
- Poor value for Money
- Poor Organisation
- Traffic was a disaster, was queuing for 40 minutes and at 8.50am was told by a member of the garda to turn around and get the bus. When I eventually got parking I walked a mile to get to the start, I didnt mind this if I had known in advanced that parking was so far away, I was told the evening before that parking was very near.
- The race was delayed and there was no one announcing the new start time or no one seem to know the start time either ie: stewards.
- The half marathon time started too soon after the full. I found that it wasnt easy to pass marathon runners in particular when big group were running with their marathon pacers.
- The finsh line was over-crowded, maybe more stewarding next year to move participants off to make way for other runners.
- The bag collection was a disater, I was along time waiting for some1 to come over, they were in a major panic, headless, they coulnt find bags, I was asked if I could see and point out my bag from where I was standing.
- My race result texted and online were submitted wrong.
This is the 3rd year of this race and these basic mistakes shouldnt happen now.
Maybe ye should reduce participants numbers next year if cant got basic requrements right. I think starting the half marathon later would be better for traffic and the race starting problems that occured today, Cork city half marathon starts 2 hours after the full marathon. I hope these mistakes will be rectifed next year.

Anonymous said...

2500 people paying on average 50 euro, thats 125000 euro and its not for any charity. you would expect a better organised race.

Anonymous said...

If this is to be held in Inchydoney again, the parking is the first thing that needs to be sorted. Ballycotton is a good example of a cul-de-sac area with narrow roads. Yet the race runs perfectly every year, because parking is provided well away form race route and area and absolutely no traffic is allowed in after a certain time. The Killarney half marathon in July was similar- cut-off time at Muckross house to get bus to start line, and tough luck if you were late. Parking needs to be provided in Clon, with v clear time for last bus to Inchydoney, and no traffic allowed to inchydoney. If this was sorted, and a one hour later start for half marathon (wouldn't be a problem if no traffic was being allowded down the route) and I think it could work. Apart from all that though, it is completely over-priced.

Anonymous said...

I was frustrated at the planning in relation to parking, transport, etc and the bag drop, but to be fair, it's the marathon's third year, and first in a new location so I imagine next year if it's in the same location, all these problems will run smoothly. Perhaps just have a blanket ban on traffic to island and shuttle everyone from a drop point in Clonakilty.

Unfair to compare it to Ballycotton as they've 35+ years experience. Look forward to next years Waterfront

Anonymous said...

It was a shambles ......., times out completely !!, won't be running here again and I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels the same way ???, having to get past walkers on mile 4, yes mile 4 was some joke !!!!!, road conditions were also scandalous , I'm surprised there wasn't more injuries

Anonymous said...

I was competing in the half marathon, on mile three I became ill and had to run as far as mile 9 to find a steward who said they'd help me. On stopping two other runners also stopped both with injured knees. We had to wait a full half an hour before any medical assistance came. We were all freezing waiting in the cold. I have to admit if I were any sicker it could have been a lot more serious. The medical staff were great once they arrived though. I also feel the 50euro entry was very steep seeing as it was not even for a charity. I think the organisers would have to reassess a lot of aspects if it is to go ahead next year.

Karen said...

Scenic run, tough as expected but that's what makes it worth doing - these are not the marathons to do for the fastest times. Plenty water on the course - had a fantastic day up until the point where I got my text last night with my time, which seemed very efficient until I read the text.

The official time given was the exact same as my chip time which was impossible as I was not on the line when the gun went, I was a few people back. This ended up being the difference between me breaking a minute barrier by my own record and being over that barrier by the recorded chip time. I found this a disappointing end to an otherwise very enjoyable day.
A further note - I did also feel extrememly sympathetic around 8.10am yesterday morning from my car parking spot in the field when I looked back towards Clonakilty to see that long line of traffic with people trying to make their way to the race. That must have been horribly stressful for race participants.
I know the comment has been made to allow a few days for the times to maybe get sorted, but I would have surely thought that the chip time won't change. Either way, I hope the issues can be addressed for the future, it'd be awful for this race to suffer so badly when the scenery alone makes it worth doing.

Anonymous said...

Travelled through Ardfield and Long Strand area this morning I must say the amount of litter after the marathon was disgusting,literally hundreds of green water bottles strew everywhere,Shame on the organisers this should have being cleaned up yesterday or at first light this morning.They collected enough money and no mention of a charity, the whole thing seems like pure greed by the organisers, where were they when they should be cleaning their mess,leaving aside the litter issue the quantity of bottels posed a danger to motorists

Anonymous said...

Went to Clon knowing it would be a challenging 26 miles.The only positives I took away with me was the lovely shower after and the fact tere was plenty of fluid on the route.Everything else was a joke especially the surface of road.Mile 19 was the pits.Never again and I was thinking about the back to back.Also the number wearing earphones even though they were not allowed.

Anonymous said...

It's shocking to read the negative feedback on this blog!I walked the full marathon yesterday - wait till I tell you!On finally reaching the 'car park' yesterday am I expressed my dissappointment to a steward. He felt it was 'management's fault'. Who are the management - is this a club thing or a commercial enterprise? If the latter, then it was a disgrace. And this was the 3rd time, so basic errors should not be present. There's also a suggestion that the event did not have the backing of the Clon traders as it clashed with their shopping promotion. If that's true it was a very bad ad for Clon. As a local I thought the event would be something for West Cork to be proud of, but alas no!
I went to register on Friday evening which, as things turned out, could have been easily done Sat am. When I asked about car parking the lady volunteered that there 'would be loads of stewards on duty'.
As it turned out the stewards were like zombies, and nobody seemed to care about the 9 am start. If they were on the ball with getting motorists parked quickly the backlog wouldn't have developed. Happily, it was a dry day - otherwise the parking would have been a quagmire.

I felt so sorry for the runners, many who were frozen during the delay. The PA system at the start was inaudible to a big section of the contestants - silly stuff!
The roads seem to have been opened to traffic immediately once the runners were out of the area. This was particularly dangerous up to the point where the routes split for the 3 events, with so many walkers on narrow roads.
The cleanup of plastic bottles on the courses was poor, which is probably a good way of getting up the nose of local residents!
I think I was the last to finish. The chip reader had been taken away by then, so officially I never finished! So take heart those whose time is inaccurate!
Of course there were good things about the day. However, an event of this size needs to be professionally run.
It seems that the start was also delayed last year. WAKE UP ORGANISERS! This could be a great event but you're in danger of killing it. And, from a HEALTH & SAFETY point of view you're on thin ice.

Anonymous said...

As many pointed out, all didn't go according to plan. Getting their early by car was next too impossible. The organisers need to think long term , rather than a quick buck. Thinking that a tourist train was the answer to getting over 2000 to inchedoney is laughable. Paying a lot of money for a sub standard event. How were they given permission knowing that so many would be running.. As a few people pointed out. The wether save this event. If it rained it could have been dangerous. Will not be going back.. Looks like the chip system failed too...

Anonymous said...

I took part and totally agree with all of the negative comment above.As a person who has organised a number of events over the past few years it seems to me as if the organisers/profit making company omitted or disregarded what should have been the mission statement for this event"Put the athlete First". On this score they failed miserably.Lets hear from Athletics Ireland who supposedly licenced this event.Triathlon Irl appoint a race inspector to go through the logistics of all race applications before giving a licence.For the sake of all athletes who train hard and give their hard earned money to events like this, lets make sure that a shambles like this is not ever given a licence again.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with all the complaints posted above. 2nd time doing this race. The organisation can only be described as "Father Ted" like. The lack of forethought by the organisers was appalling. In my opinion, people prefer swift access, parking, toilets and bag drop facilities than medals and t-shirts. Also for 50+ euro, post out the numbers!


Michael said...

This race has huge potential to be a fantastic event with the scenic tough course but the organisation and running of the event has to come up to scratch. I felt sorry for the ladies trying to pacify the baying crowd in the baggage/ bbq/ physio tent. There didn't seem to be any plan in place regarding controling the flow of traffic and the flow of people at the finish line, having runners moving around the finish area to collect their bags and back around to get out was a receipe for disaster. A lot of money was made by this event, a lot of runners are disgruntled, feel cheated and including this one will not be back.

Johnny G said...

I think it is absolutely patently obvious to any runner who was in Inchdoney on Saturday morning - there is absolutely NO WAY that this race should be licensed for this venue next year. ( by Athletics Ireland, or anyone other licensing body ). There was so much that was shambolic about the event it was unbelievable. There is no way that the organisers can rectify all the faults for next year - everyone needs to get a dose of reality here - it just is not possible to organise a race ( in fact, its 3 races ) for 2,000+ athletes in the cul-de-sac that is Inchdoney. The parking, the bag-drop, the farcical start-finish went on and on. So glad i did the 10k - i went to get my bag in the marquee at about 10.20am, and i literally could not believe my eyes - piles and piles of bags piled high on top of each other in what appeared like no particular order ( that i could work out anyway. It was like a bomb hit the place ).
Bottom line - the race(s) HAVE TO be moved back into Clonakilty town next year, or the whole project will die a death, due to insurmountable logistical issues in Inchdoney. I don't think i'll be back if its not moved to town for 2013.

Anonymous said...

Weather was only thing good about this race ! Very bad organisation the start was joke nobody pointed out which race was to start first many of my friends running the half marathon started with full marathon group! The delay was appalling at start which cost me more again on top of outrageous entry fee as I had another 2hrs to pay childminder unlikely I'll be back next year finally surely a charity benefits from this event I was shocked to hear no one benefits please highlight

John F said...

Hey, just want to thank the 3.45 pacer who pushed me across the line with over a minute to spare.. If you read this take a bow..great job ! Suffered all the way from mile 19, hate to run this course on a real winters day. On the plus side plenty of water, sports drinks and coffee and bars at the finish. Friendly people, breathtaking scenery and Clon is a great town. John F.

Anonymous said...

Ran the half marathon. My name/result is not even on the result list. Travelled from Dublin for this, bit of a joke...

Anonymous said...

The congested start really stuck in the craw for me. I spotted runners on three separate occasions, haring up the verges to get into a good space to attack the course. The Full & Half really needed to kick off a good distance apart,

I ran the Half and due to the sub-standard tannoy there were full Marathon runners unaware of the protocol. Many were forced to go out with the Half and Mini runners. It just creates unnecessary mayhem for all. The sight of runners bustling down the grass verges and shouldering folk out of the way was sad.

To reiterate what many have said, the chip times are all over the shop, my heart sunk with the texted times (including 'rectified' message). I hope this can be ironed out.

The course was splendid, the hills felt mammoth but was all part of the feel good factor once finished.

Hope the right changes can be made to give this event the organisation it deserves for 2013.

Gruss Gott

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing to hear so many negative comments but they are very fair and some serious rethinking needs to be done by the organisers.

How could they not see this happening. As soon as Inchydoney was revealed as the Start/Finish, everyone I spoke to said it was going to be mayhem. The excuse that this is the first year of new location etc doesn't wash, it was an absolute shambles. The organisers had the most of a year to come with a decent plan.

The parking was crazy. From the tourist train to the field on top of a hill. If it rained.

Whatever about the delay itself, the congestion around the start line was very dangerous. It was nearly impossible to move. Could they not have moved the start mat 50m down the road. Nobody knew what was happening. The marque should have been back further.

There should have been at least 20mins between each category, it was like an obstacle course for the first 4-5 miles. It was unbelievable.

The stewarts did a fantastic job under the circumstances, and from what Im hearing, lack of communication. Very unfair on marathoners to have to negotiate way through traffic in last fews miles of a grueling course.

On a positive note it was great to see the town so busy with hotels and b&bs full. I hope people will come back. Indeed I hope those few individuals who objected and forced move out to Inchydoney are shamed of themselves. The town would have received a much bigger boast than any 10% discount day (The restaurants/cafes would certainly have been very busy with complete lack of refreshments after the race)

The marathon should be given the priority it deserves.

Finally id say get rid of the 10k, having 3 events here just isn't working. maybe strip down to just to 1. Try and get that right first.

If I wasn't from Clon, I wouldn't be back.


Ian R... said...


I've never ran this race but was tempted this year but decided against it in the end...A marathon in December would certainly aid the winter training for most...What amazes/amuses me is, people speaking in the third person..."The Organisers" should do this and that...

Why dont we know who "They" are ???

The very lackk of response from them makes my mind up...


Not sure if it should be promoted/mentioned on this site next year...

What you think John ???

John Desmond said...

Ian...I put up all the events that I know about on the race calendar so that people have a complete picture of what's happening in Munster. It really is up to each person to make up their own mind as to whether it's worth entering a race or not.

Anonymous said...


OK, understood the delay at the start. Mats and signs for same weren't great. Route,people,medal and t-shirt, all good. But the only gripe I would have is can we please have at least 1 x portaloo at water stations. I got caught short and (luckly for me) had to take a quick exit into a hotel on the coast road.

Thanks folks,

Anonymous said...

I ran the marathon. Was in the crowd at back and was totally unaware that the marathon started early. Really upset me as i wanted to run with pacers and othrr marathon runners at same pace. All pre race info said all races were to start together at 9am. Ran much of marathon trying to chase back. Was very upset on run so it affected my enjoyment. Was at start since 7am and no one told me about early start for marathon.
Course was excellent challenge weather great.
Gels should also be provided on course throughout. For €60 i would expect that

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the organisers made a nice profit this year - but very short-sited approach.
Having done this race in the previous two years, I did not do the race mainly because of extremely steep entry fee and the lack of value for money. Anyone from West Cork would've known that congestion issues would arise at Inchydoney. Often heard of traffic chaos there on fine summer days. That the organisers did not prepare for this is plain stupidity. And excuses of first year starting there does not wash.
When I heard where the race was starting I automatically assumed that a bus service similar to say the Bantry Bay Run would be provided. Obviously the organisers wanted to keep costs to a minimum. if the comments about the rubbish on the road are true, this is again appaling.
I know two guys who visited the area for the race - so at a guess the whole trip cost them a total of €300 each - travel/hotel/food/marathon fee/drinks etc. One guys time is not listed and the second guys split time does not make any sense - I can only guess he did not make the start line on time.
Considering they took entry fees of approx €125,000 as noted above, a full explanation on the website is needed. Otherwise call it a day.

Anonymous said...

very disappointed, name is not in the final half marathon results with chip times. Was in the top ten and was in the previous draft results but somehow have been omitted in these results. Think the whole times and results has been a bit of a shambles. Why pay good money if they cant even get the results right. Was very happy with a pb and collected money for charity and now there is not even evidence that I completed it.Was planning on doing the back to back in feb but now wont be doing that or this event again. Think as a route it was great but organisers need to get their act together

Anonymous said...

I ran the Half marathon and enjoyed the race and course,
The negetives on the day for me were the first 1-2 miles i was slowed quite alot due to overcrowding trying to weave through was difficult, the bag tent was a shambles i ended up getting my own bag which had the wrong number on it, no chnace of getting a shower too busy, and then to top it off recieved 2 txt messages and both had the wrong finish time on it, hopefully the organisers will resolve the obvious problems as i would like to run the full next yr

Anonymous said...

Decided beforehand not to run Clon this year as I was worried about the use of Inchydoney as the start and finish area. Having read all the above comments, I am glad I decided to give it a miss. You really would have to question the use of there by the organisers. If, as suggested by one poster that some of the town businesses didn't want the race running through it on that weekend then they would have been better off moving the date in or out by a week. The comments regarding the chip times and bag collection are really disappointing as this is not the first year of the race. One other point which is really becoming a negative for me and marathons is the collection of numbers and chip the day before the race. Why can they not be posted out to all who entered before a certain date. Hope that the organisers of Clon respond to the criticisms of those who ran on Saturday as I would hate to see the race disappear from the calendar. The route itself is really appealing as a tough course. Unsure now about the back to back in Feb, even though it should be a lot quieter which in a way will negate a lot of the issues which were seen on Saturday. Let's hope they address the problems seen and the event improves.

Anonymous said...

I did half marathon last year and this year. I won't be back next year, even if they bring back start/ finish to Clon. Course was really tough, much tougher than last year. Never made sense to me starting and finishing in Inchydonney, and from comments and talking to people on the day, I think it is clear that most people agree. Bag collection was a disaster, took over 1/2 hour. At least I got to take a shower. On bus back, driver stopped to talk to another bus coming other way. Marathon runners had to stop behind other bus as coudn't get through. I would have been really annoyed if it was me. Organisers, call it a day!

Anonymous said...

Not the first time that Clonakilty has been shambolic remember two years ago the leaders in the 10km were sent the wrong way, forget your high profile commercial events support your local club or BHAA races at 5,8 or 10 euro a go, remember the early bird fee for the Cork Half Matathon in June is only 42 euro and you are guaranteed a good day out, looking at the Clonakilty results a lot of those who finished are never seen at a local event.

Anonymous said...

Agree with every single comment above.
This marathon was a DISASTER in every sense.
Don’t even get me started on all those hills introduced for this years route.
Never experienced anything like them in all my years running.

Anonymous said...

In defence of the organisers, who do have a lot to answer for, I did the half and lost track of the amount of 10k coloured numbers on people doing the half. Some of them were really motoring around the 10 mile mark too. An economical way to do the half may not have helped getting the results right. That said there is some majors issues to be sorted for next year. Not least of which is a less crowded finish line. I finished the half dead on my feet ( poor prep for the hills) and really struggled to get water or fruit. If anyone had collapsed there could have been a major issue.

Anonymous said...

Won't start about the aforementioned disastrous start but the total confusion for early/fast half marathon runners was desperate, they were coming in on top of the last 10km people. There was no water, energy bars or fruit for them. And then the confusion over results was soul destroying. Now on the 3rd round of results and where there was 921 listed there are now only results for 894!!!! Seriously disappointed.

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the day, the weather was fantastic, however, I have to agree with a lot of the comments, I can only imagine the chaos that would have ensued if the weather was bad. For one, the field where we parked would have been a mud bath with the slightest drop of rain, you would have been towing cars out of their for the night!!

The organisers need to consider this for next year, it’s a fabulous location for a race and with some simple planning the organisers could have avoided all this negative feedback. You need to take note from similar races, and how well they are run, take for example the Ballycotton 10.

Also, my chip time was posted on Sunday and it has been removed today. Charging people 50 euro and not getting the basics right will have a detrimental impact on the future prospects for this race.

Anonymous said...

I'm another person that am not listed on the half marathon results and am wondering if i am entitled to my money back ?

Anonymous said...

Similar sentiments as to what others have echoed. I've run a number of events this year and of all of them this has been organised poorly. There were a lot of very simple things done wrong which led to the whole event being a disappointment. I met people there from the 4 corners of the country who will bring those experiences home with them. Beautiful scenery, but if I run there again it won't be as part of this race.

Anonymous said...

why isnt there any category results put up?...

frances said...

I ran the half and despite an anxious half hour driving the last mile to the car park I really enjoyed the race, hills and all. Stewards, water stations and Gardai were great. Fran.

Anonymous said...

The organizers of this farce showed a total lack of respect for their customers, the runners. Particularly for those doing the marathon, having a delay of 40 minutes is just not acceptable. Those people have been training for months for their chosen event. They were probably up at 6am to ensure they had eaten and drunk correctly before the start. Then to stand in the cold for 40 minutes.....

montyman said...

agree with everything posted....drove a round trip of 660 miles .....unprofessional to say the story trains to the start...parked in a field and had to be towed out thanks for a very helpful gels...some of the roads, well were they roads or mucky lane ways and dont get me started on the hills. I deferred from last year and I wish I had again. I was for doing the back to back but not now. Why couldnt numbers be posted out?? Apart from that beautiful views along the coast....but get it sorted you dont want a bad reputation.

Niamh said...

I was registered, collected race pack the night before but due to family circumstances could not get out the door before 8.15am. Knowing the area well, and the limited possibility of getting there on time, I opted out (never did that before on the morning of a race). I am glad because I had 4 nieces in my care that weekend and, despite, presence of their granny also it would have been very distressing to be delayed like this. I would like to add that for the previous two years, my family come out to watch me at the end and then we all head for teas/coffees/scones. I have counted up to 12 of us. Even if I had made the race, they were not coming out this year because of the shift to Inchydoney. The girls are just too small to be dragging through/standing around congested country roads. That's 12 less spending on a Saturday morning. Please bring it back to town! I never realised that this was a private venture. I had assumed that the profits were going to local running clubs. It is expensive!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there are any pictures of this race?

Anonymous said...

I did the Half Marathon (1:55) and received a full Marathon Medal??

Anonymous said...

i come from Clonakilty and am very proud of my town and surrounding area,we have a brilliant community and generally work together for the greater good of the community. I have partisipated in all three half marathons and totally agree with most! of the above comments, however it has to be pointed out that a Few of our town traders were responsible for this event moving to Inchydoney. It was a massive mistake as the town was very quiet in the morning and the marathon would have been a major boost to the trade and athmosphere on the 8th of December. The organisers and the traders need to both eat humble pie and move this Major event back into the town where it belongs. I am sure most people will agree with me that they would come back and partisipate in this event again if the start and finish were moved to the town,of course other issues need to be sorted but the major issue that caused all these problems was LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION. A proud Clonakilty Citizen

Anonymous said...

2010 & 2011 starting in Clon were brilliant. The vacant shop premises for the before & afters fitted the bill perfectly. Apart from the atmosphere in the town for the first mile of all 3 events, every competitor in every event had ran 2 nearly flat miles before heading for the countryside, that's a great start for any runner. Apart from the access & crowd issues at Inchydoney this year, every competitor faced an immediate hill. Also, it appears that the 2 flat miles in Clonakilty town have in effect been substituted by hills. For everyone's sake, return the event to Clon next year.

Eoin Fegan said...

I've uploaded some photos here, mostly of the 10km and the half,

Anonymous said...

This was my second year doing the event course was a'lot more challenging than previous year which was good (but at the time I wasn't happy about it :)). I have read the comments on the page and have waited a few days for some one linked with the organisation to come back with a response but sadly this has not happened. As someone who has only done a few events I could see the pros and cons to this.

How come there was no bars or food for the half marathon runners after..I lined up for my bag after to thinking like last year I would get a Centra goody bag with chocolate and fruit etc..All that was on offer was water and a few bottles of water.Was this so that people would be forced to go to the hotel and spend money there? Very unfair considering the money that was paid.

The entry come people who entered the mini for 25e got the same value t-shirt and medal as people who paid 50 for half and 60 for mini this hardly seems fair and to top it off the 700 doing mini were mixed in with the half causing unbelievable congestion nearly fell over on the first mile with people trying to over take on limited space past large groups who were trying to run together.

T-shirt nice design but poor fit skintight in arms no way you could wear this on a long run notice anyone running in it had sleeves rolled up.
Course very challenging.

The Pros.
Well done to the marshals who had a hard day trying to cope with the crowd.
The people looking after the bags and the registration the night before were excellent especially in the aftermath of the race when they had to deal with us irritable runners.