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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Appeal for used running shoes for Charity gets a great response...

Back in late October, I put up a post about a charity initiative whereby people could donate their used runners to the homeless charity Cork Simon by putting them into a box in John Buckley Sports.

To date, some 200 plus pairs of shoes have been donated...some in excellent condition and the scheme is now finished. Thanks to everyone who donated their shoes, to Ruairi O'Mahony who helped organise it and to John Buckley Sports for supporting the initiative. If there is a requirement for more shoes in the future then a similar scheme may be run again.

Considering how successful this initiative was, it raises the question as to why couldn't it be repeated elsewhere? Surely there are other homeless charities in Munster that could avail of a similar scheme? Maybe someone in an athletics club could get it started? Approach the charity with the idea.......Explain it to the participating shop who would get increased footfall and free publicity.....and I can put a notice up on the Running in Munster website which gets around 9-10,000 hits per month. If someone wants to do it then you'll find my e-mail address on the right hand side of this page.

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