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Friday, April 09, 2010

Podcast from BBC R4 on the First London Marathon...
No doubt a lot of Cork runners are planning to take part in some Marathon events in the near future. We have  Connemara next Sunday, London on the 25th, Limerick at the start of May and of course the Cork City  Marathon on the June Bank holiday Monday. 

There was a time of course when there was no such thing as a big city Marathon and they certainly weren't open to members of the public. This podcast looks back to 1981 to the first London Marathon and the start of the running boom.

The audio podcast is about 40 minutes long and anyone with an interest in running should find it interesting. Please note that it is just over 40 minutes long! It may only stay on the website for a limited time so listen to it asap.

The link is HERE

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